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    I am a games illustrator for Mediatonic.co.uk and I draw monsters in my spare time too.
  1. i'd love a mac version. Just registering interest
  2. Monk, Knight, Twins. I think i'm picking for the worlds I would like to explore more than the actual characters.
  3. O & P look the most playful, as you would expect a 14(ish) year old girl to be. P looks like a strong kid. The top set of charcters look very pretty and the dresses in E and J look lovely for older characters but you don't want to lose the innocence of the main character being a young girl. These artwork updates are so insightful, lovely stuff!
  4. This is fantastic! thank you so much for going into such detail on the production. I know it will depend on the size of the scene but roughly how long would each room take the artists to do? or how long was this example? the rough layout and the final painting really. thanks!
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