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  1. I feel like I got my money's worth several times over, if even just for the opportunity to help make the project possible. There are some good point and click adventure games out there these days, but I feel like a point and click adventure game of this scope and quality would not have been possible in any other way considering where the market is. I feel like the DFA has only helped the genre, and is the most direct way I've ever been able to affect gaming trends. I think releasing the documentary would be a perfect way to further the public opinion of double fine and of the adventure genre. Go for it.
  2. I think K looks like she has a lot of personality. Really pissed she's going to be sacrificed.
  3. The surface of the Earth's inner core, beings live their lives traversing through the liquid outer core. A land where polynesian mythology is real and humans are occasionally turned to stone by a mythological sea creature called the Pa'itele. Inside a prism that converts spaghetti into the hopes and dreams of proceding generations (interpret as you will, this is just a brainstorm.) A 1920s Harlem where Jazz is replaced by 80s techno. An anarctic research camp where, much like in the movie "The Thing", the team of reasearchers is infiltrated and subverted by strange and alien forces. But unlike the movie "The Thing", this group is replaced one-by-one by absolutely normal penguins. You would go back from time to time and more of the group would have been replaced by normal looking penguins. People would be doubting and accusing each other with the same suspense and intrigue as to be had in the movie. But, yep, just very benign looking penguins.
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