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  1. Here is what you backed. I would agree that things changed a bit, but no real reason to scream betrail. betrail ! The Future is Trains. but yes once people calm down a little bit and look at things though the looking glass of actual facts then they should realise there is no betrayal happening here whatsoever. as linked the DRM free version is of the completed game (which will be out later in the year) and that DRM freeness did not ever include the beta. Anyhoo, it's tomorrow right now where I am and i'm ever so excited.
  2. That depends, is it a romantic holiday? I was hoping the why would make that clear
  3. FK or IK If you could only take one of these kinematic types with you on holiday which would it be? and why?
  4. for me one of his most memorable roles was in Ang Lee's film The Ice Storm. it's like he just doesn't age at all, unlike the rest of us.
  5. i'm liking everything that's happening around the voice cast. most of all I like the documentary snippets with Khris. She always seems hella-enthusiastic about what she does, always has a smile and and seems like an awesome person to work with. I am truly in awe of the great team DF have around this project. cool beans.
  6. if the complete character was "assembled" out of smart objects then the original question makes sense, ie. you double click on his arm layer and it 'open' his arm in a separate document window and you're back painting it out of context. however if your assembled character is some kind of master document, and you're painting within that, then script the export from the various live layers to create new psd/png files on disc then a uv layout file could be created using smart objects. that uv document will update each time you re-export the layers from the character document. ... maybe.
  7. oh man, this post reminds me how much I love Photoshop Smart Objects! however it also reminds me how much i hate Photoshop Smart Objects! ha. thanks for the insight though, and hopefully you get a chance to post about shaders and materials as that's kinda my world and i'm always interested to see how it's done in other fields like games. (cute avatar btw.)
  8. so Vella plays the accordion? hmm. I was hoping this would be a clue to some tricky-Schaferesque-utterly-unique-never-imagined-before puzzle in Broken Age, but a quick search indicates accordion's have featured in game puzzles before. ( http://www.cracked.com/article_19974_the-6-most-absurdly-difficult-video-game-puzzles_p2.html ) darn.
  9. Here's all the episode notes you need: @10:40 Lydia talks about how she is snazzing up the game though the careful application of ambient fx. (I like her smile. I work with a whole lot of Fx folks here in my place of work and I am always in awe of the things they do. They don't smile as much tho... ) @16:29 The contents of Tim's METAL music folder is laid bare. (Judas Priest. YAY!) @38:20 Music swells, Tim (driving his over-budget-but-newly-fixed-and-tuned classic car) exits garage and poignant travelling clip begins as credits roll.
  10. an Adventure Time handshake. nice! as to the game and update, it's all amazing. super. DF keep doing what you're doing and spend my backer contribution however the hell you want.
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