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  1. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    Awesome! Good work guys! Really looking forward to having a go.
  2. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    Pm'd you
  3. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    Stupid camera Hmm.. I was thinking about puzzles for Mnemonic and as a gamer I'm not great with words and so I've attempted to communicate my ideas through game.. I just sat down and made a little game called Essia in AGS in the last few hours. http://swsng.com/games/Essia_V1_0.rar I'm not much of an artist btw. Left click is inspect and right click is interact. This works on the inventory too. For people that haven't played point and clicks before I recommend looking at everything you can then solving the puzzle. Cheers, rp p.s. Did not expect I was going to spend my day doing this
  4. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    I want my 200 puzzles!
  5. Anybody else a bit disappointed?

    I wouldn't say I'm dissapointed, but there are a few things that I think I would of preferred. The comments by Dexter ^ resonate pretty well. I agree that the world does feel too soft and pillowy, though I wonder if we have been lured into a false sense of security and will be back to digging up the bones of peoples relatives in part 2 (I certainly hope so). I strongly agree that I don't have the same understanding of the world and its areas as I do in many older adventure games and also quite a few of the recent ones too.
  6. AF14 2PP Daily Videos?

    wtf... I wasn't expecting that, I'm really surprised I even read it... I'm looking forward to the documentary! Can't wait!
  7. Black Lake - Prototype Reactions

    I just wanted to say that I thought that The Black Lake was beautiful and full of charm.
  8. Full throttle is one of my favorites, I think its the reason that my sister and I ended up getting motorcycles! Great side quest, just wished he made it all the way through the game. I think the hardest puzzle for me was that bloody wall kicking one...
  9. Hope you guys pull through and not just for the game! I'm torn between wanting more content and wanting you guys to just keep at it. Good ep once again
  10. Making the Episode

    It's cool to see how you guys manage to put this all together. I'm constantly impressed with the quality of the episodes and its nice to get an idea of all the work that goes in to making them what they are!
  11. Awesome again! It's so strange, I seem to enjoy every episode but it always surprises me how much
  12. Cool, looking forward to seeing how the audio is used in game to manipulate my fragile emotions!
  13. Episode 3: Codename: Reds

    Looks like a fun way to name things! I might have to come up with a codename for my project this weekend...
  14. Looks good, the more maths the better! I'd be interested to see the appearance V memory usage of the effects you end up implementing in the game. I assume you could just switch some of these effects off (like fog/particles and dof) for mobile devices?