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  1. Issue: On first attempt when I started a new game I immediately got to a black screen with the animated text 'loading'. I could then not get any further than this screen. I left it for approx 20 min and it still showed loading text (i.e. could not get into actual game). I had to alt-f4 out of the game to get out of loading screen. I tried a number of times creating a new game, or loading a game (as one seemed to be created after attempt of new game), but only got as far as black 'loading' screen, and had to close application each time. I tired various things like changing res and other settings, and tried turning off steam community in-game, tried deleting settings and save games, but still only got a far as black 'loading' screen. Resolution: The issue seemed to be resolved when i ran windows update (was just a .Net update), and re-installed the game again. After this i could access the game without issue. Computer: Win7 64-bit cpu - intel core i7-2630QM @ 2.00GHz RAM - 16GB GPU - Geforce GTX 560M