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  1. 1) I like the idea of progress with the heroes over generations. Character and stat development is a pretty strong hook for tactical/rpg type games, so the bloodlines idea really grabs me. 2) Building on #1 for me, I'd love to see an expansion/sequel that you could carry your heroes/bloodlines over into, or a new game+ feature. It would have to be well thought out, not just the very same thing again with OP units and stat-bumped enemies.
  2. That would be incredible! Perhaps the "Massive Chalice" you find/create allows this in the final battle?
  3. That's a different take from what I was thinking, but I like that, too! Gosh, it'll be hard to wait for the end result!
  4. I'm definitely interested in seeing how it works out. I like the wallpaper they came up with, with the spirits of the ancestors trailing the living hero. I'd love to see that x10 for the epilogue, customized for the individual heroes and bloodlines!
  5. I'm more in favor of the surrogates idea, as the pairing of epic timeline and bloodlines seems to produce the dynamic that has me interested. If the heroes can be produced through a variety of means it begins to see more like RTS resource management. Gather the resources to produce more fighters from the orc-pits sort of situation. Perhaps not, but keeping to the bloodlines, and the limitations attendant to them, provides some helpful structure to the game mechanic, I think.
  6. I'm not a huge fan of tower defense games, but Defender's Quest drew me in. A nice mix of features, a nice bundle of fun. Worth checking out!
  7. I'd love a gore filter. I did not like the gore effect in Dragon Age AT ALL, and was very glad to be able to disable it.
  8. I like it - fighting the same demons, returning again and again, could also provide bloodlines with particular demonic archenemies who grow stronger over time, requiring that the bloodlines - and the kingdom as a whole - continue to develop greater strength to combat the demons. Some particular condition might be needed to finally end the war (closing the portal, achieving the demon-slaying technique/power/strength, destroying the Archdemon and subduing the demons, etc.)
  9. Given the kind of attachment we are anticipating to individual heroes and the bloodlines they found and contribute to, I'm interested in how they might show up in the end of the game to give some sense of achievement and closure. I propose two items: 1) Dynastic Tome - the various bloodlines could be tracked and represented in an attractive journal/scrapbook that would include history, stats, family trees, *and* visual representations of the heroes. What would it be like to have snapshots of each hero, with special pictures for special achievements? These could be for a) Founding a bloodline b) crucial role in battle c) achieving a quest c) cleansing the bloodline d) developing a new technique (plasma magic, dragoons, dual/fighter-mage class, etc.). This could provide utility and help foster the player-hero relationship as the game plays out. Epithets could be added when heroes die: "sacrificed himself in the battle of Sudden Flame" "turned the tide during the Siege of Tiriale" "protected the rearguard in the retreat at the fords" 2) Hero Gallery Epilogue - I'd love to see the significant heroes put together in a final epilogue sequence, culminating in a gallery/final picture incorporating many or all of them. It could be the final bloodline representatives, depicted alive and victorious, with their ancestors arrange around them as spirits. Individual appearances and names, it would be an ending to remember! I realize this could be resource intensive, but can you think of another game that has done this, with this kind of granularity and attention to the individual, non-pregenerated, characters? Innovation!
  10. I'm digging this, a dynasty for the ruler that shows up in New Game+!
  11. If they had this kind of individual development and appearance, I'd love to see a post-game epilogue/gallery/scrapbook of the heroes!!!
  12. I am completely on board with this idea; balance would be a big concern, but I like the immediacy of the tie to the ancestors. Two kinds of "pay-off" from the bloodlines, one long-term (cultivating the traits/relics in the bloodline) and one immediate (a boost to start or a panic button). Seeing the spirits of the ancestors returning to battle after building an investment in them could be incredible, Fields of Pelennor and Oathbreakers, but for a positive reason. "My father, Keluan Ironfist, returns to the field - to battle, men! For the kingdom, for the founders!" It could tie in nicely with another idea on the forums, having some or the important ancestors depicted in the ending sequence as spirits. Perhaps different conditions could add members to the gallery. a) turned the tide in battle (ex. Keluan Ironfist) b) recovered the Spirit Blade to fulfill the prophecy of Galen the Wise c) developed the rare profession/bloodline of the Dragoons, etc. Just imagine seeing the spirits of your favorite bloodline members held up on the final screen - a screenshot you would probably want to keep!
  13. 1. I think I agree - why not have a ruler's bloodline and dynasty, too? Perhaps the Immortal Ruler could be a reward to be used in NG+. 2. Wouldn't it be great if the first section of the game was about subduing the lands under one ruler, affecting how the demon campaign proceeds? 3. - 5. Not much to say, except that I like the way you're thinking!
  14. I've really liked the proximity/assist effects that show up in the Fire Emblem games. Grinding isn't fun, though a good system will have some level of exploitation that people can grind, I think. You don't have to throw rocks at your own troops in Final Fantasy Tactics, but you *can* if you want to
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