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  1. Both of the new tracks are pretty sweet! They each sound really different. I think track 2 is my favourite at the moment
  2. Oh! I just saw that they were listed on the subforums for each project. Never mind me!
  3. Speaking of team roles, have the team members and roles been listed for each of the projects? I know it'd be a time-consuming task, but I'd love to see some kind of little breakdown for each project, with who's working on it, what rough role they're in, and maybe a bit more info about them - ie. last worked on: designing The Cave, or something like that. It may be impractical due to team members shifting across projects and so forth as well, but thought I'd put it out there.
  4. That track is very cool - great and spacey. I enjoyed when the drum line got added at the end, but think maybe the earlier part could be extended and played around with a bit more, as especially when you're thinking about what to do while playing you might not want the music to be too "full", if that makes any sense. Can't wait to hear more!
  5. I guess if everybody had voted on the most realistic pitches that woudl have reduced the probability of the prototypes not being awesome after two weeks, but I think the whole point of prototyping is to experiment and try new things, and failure (if it occurs) is an inherent part of that. Personally I'd be way happier with an kinda broken prototype of a crazy, experimental, interesting idea than a safe and simple retread of existing ideas that's had some polish time. But I might be in the minority of AF supporters.
  6. Just wanted to pop in and say that this idea is super exciting to me. I'm a big fan of Lovecraft, and I think you've nailed that thematic influence in your concept work so far. I really hope Black Lake ends up in the top four!
  7. This idea sounds cool! I'm really looking forward to seeing your team's approach to the AI logic - I've done a bit of NPC behaviour modelling in the past and have found it really difficult to find the right parameters for the AI personalities, and the right level of simulation - do you use basic physiological parameters such as "hunger", "sleep" and "stress" or will you head into the fuzzier territory of feelings like "love" and "fear"? What tends to trip me up is the constant temptation to model the simulation one level deeper, and end up creating infinite work for myself. The other thing that can be really difficult is how the AI parameters map to the actual actions performed by the characters. You need to build two levels of simulation - creating and implementing the actions that the characters can perform and the consequences of those actions on the system, on top of which you layer the AI logic. I really feel like there exists huge potential for games that simulate human interaction, and the more we explore it in our medium the better we'll be able to harness that potential. So thanks for trying to make this happen, and good luck - you've got my vote
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