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  1. Almost five whole months later, still no reply as to whether the PDF version of the Double Fine Adventure Book can be bought in some way. Screw this. Sorry on the slow response to this one! We just aren't quite sure what the plans are here yet. We do hope to be able to sell this in some way once it's done, but currently there's no way to buy it. Thanks Greg, I appreciate the reply.
  2. Could this be posted to Vimeo as well? Youtube 1080p videos use something called DASH which makes it impossible to download the 1080p versions. [edit] wait, neither of these are actual sidequests, are they?
  3. Please, do try contacting Double Fine staffers and Humble Bundle Support. If enough of us try, we might eventually get a reply from either of them. Do be polite though, like CaliburnCY suggests. Even this complete lack of respect should not be replied to in kind. ...I guess we can forget about the Sidequests being available through even Humble Bundle, so completionists like myself will have to make do with the low-bitrate vimeo versions.
  4. An update would be nice. It has been several months since AF ended.
  5. The pages are indeed pretty similar: I'm not holding out on a reply from HB either: it's been 20 days since my request (which the "support ninja" termed "suggestion") was "passed along to the team". Dammit, now I gotta have to go out and buy more air quotes, I'm all out.
  6. The documentaries have already been made available through a number of means, many of them with no protection (I'm not sure if the VHX versions have it). If people want to distribute them, they will have done so already. Torrent is a perfectly cromulent distribution method, used by legitimate companies for legitimate purposes, such as Blizzard does for WoW updates. If it's secure enough for that, it's secure enough for distributing some simple documentary episodes that current paying customers can't get to because of a very badly implemented download system that does not allow for a goddamn resume option. And there is a way of restricting who downloads it, it's called having an account at Humble Bundle and only getting the links in there. Sure, you can allege that there's nothing stopping consumers to upload those torrents somewhere else, but like I already said, the same could have been done with the other ways to get the episodes. And that's not even getting into the seriously flawed concept of treating your customers as thieves and restricting their access to content they paid for. Also, you forgot to take into account that Steam and GOG versions of games already are in torrents, and have been for a long time. That has not stopped either of those companies from making a profit, and should not be used as an argument to restrict legitimate user's access to their libraries. GOG is actually a shining example of how things should be handled: all games are DRM free, can be downloaded via one's browser or using a completely optional downloader.
  7. Almost five whole months later, still no reply as to whether the PDF version of the Double Fine Adventure Book can be bought in some way. Screw this.
  8. Well, it took until June 3 until my question was "passed along to the team". As of today, still no actual reply.
  9. That's the official answer you were looking for; it was just in the private part of the forum. ^^ Well, that sucks. I hope they will reconsider that decision someday.
  10. Thank you, OANST. For the record, I am not angry at anyone. I am, however, disappointed at Double Fine for not issuing a statement, especially taking into account that the fifth post here was made by Greg.
  11. You should read my posts more carefully before shooting from the hip like that. My very first post on this matter stated that I'd like a GOG key even if (or especially if) it meant my Humble Bundle entry got deleted. ryanbseattle said that as well, mentioning preference of one system over the other, rather than in addition to it. Other posts here have said nothing specific on the issue. So that invalidates that point. You further undermine your own point by stating that other kickstarters have done this. Clearly then, other studios thought this to be a good idea. Just because you don't understand it or are surprised by it does not make it any less of a reality. Your reply then not only failed to address most of the post it was replying to, but also made arguments regarding that part it glossed over. So, as unbelievably annoying and pedantic as I know it is (and for which I honestly apologize), please let me present you with the Merriam-Webster definitions of want and need: So, you see, a want can be seen as not having something you need. Just like a need can be seen as wanting something strongly. You claim my choice of words is done in order to make my request have more value than you feel it should. I claim your choice of words is done in order to make my request appear as having little value so that it can be dismissed. Please point out where in this thread were various whims expressed and demanded to be satisfied, where any rights were claimed, where any browbeating was done or any "hissy fit" thrown. There was one single question being asked here, asked in various ways that included an inquiry of the chance, a request with a please, a statement of preference and a request with concession. Your last sentence is fully wrong as well. All the requests stated a preference for point C in detriment of points A and B, not in addition to them.
  12. Nooooooooope. http://www.gog.com/forum/general/release_tesla_effect_a_tex_murphy_adventure/post90 Double Fine either don't want to or can't be bothered. I don't blame them, but GOG keys would be nice and I would have picked a GOG key in lieu of the Steam key if given the choice. That settles it, then. Thanks for posting this, SirPrimalform. Let's be honest. The words 'needs' and 'important' are probably not applicable when talking about any form of entertainment. You always bring things into perspective. You are positing a false dichotomy, as Need is something that has a wide range of fundamentality. We are not talking bottom of the Maslow Pyramid here, but it is a need nonetheless. You both seem to think this need is not worth considering, others think it is. Is that not reason enough for someone at Double Fine to at least look into this matter?
  13. It hadn't occurred to me, that's a great idea. I'm filling the form right now and will report as soon as I get an answer. Thanks!
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