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  1. Exactly what I'm thinking. Merging it with the public forums seems the best solution.
  2. Thank you, it's working now. I went through the one next to the trash chute twice. I don't know why I never tried that before.
  3. (With still normal head size) I can only enter it from the starboard side, every other entry already says you've already been through (the museum with Shay's stuff) or nuh-uh-uh (the two active doors in the nexus). Once I'm through the only teleporter that works, Vella's head will grow one size. Every other entry will then return the size to normal, Vella says "Ah there's my normal size again".
  4. I don't even know how to grow your head 2 sizes. I was trying to do the same thing Shay had to do in Act 1, by going through more than one teleporter, but if I go into the other one, my head goes back to its original size.
  5. I'm thinking March. But no, nothing official.
  6. I've watched them more times than I should have. Like them more than some really expensive TV shows. I wish more games would have such a companion series.
  7. I don't think there's a story reason to switch at all. My guess is the whole switch option is just there, so that players can avoid frustration, if they would get stuck with one of the characters. So it's not that important, since that should hardly occur.
  8. Too soon™ - to make such assumptions before the game is even done, is... premature.
  9. Absolutely, all that stuff was great! In Vella's world I liked those blind girls the most, in front of the "pyramid".
  10. I understood right away, I just don't agree. As far as I know, the only thing that's not final, is Act 2. They'll probably fix some bugs, if there are bigger ones, but otherwise that's the way the game's gonna stay.
  11. I didn't wonder about that. What I thought was strange, was that Vella seemed entirely unconcerned with what was going on in the beginning. And I guess that's what he meant too. The first character who said anything against being sacrificed was the grandpa, not Vella. She, at first, seemed only interested in helping her mother find the knife. If Vella wouldn't have tried to escape we wouldn't have a game, but she didn't give away that she would try to do that. Was she trying to deceive her family into believing she had given up? Given how Vella was introduced I would have guessed that she somehow would survive the sacrifice by accident.
  12. It misses the most important ingredients, but it is impeccable? Since this is the final state, as I understand it, BA will have to become this true, instant classic without the most important ingredients. Impeccable.
  13. I also can only recommend the Wadjet Eye Games. Just finished the latest Blackwell game in December. Was really happy when I learned that he's making another one.
  14. I'm entirely sure it won't. Broken Age will be remembered, but it will be for being the first big Kickstarter game that started this trend.
  15. Monkey Island 2 was much harder than almost all games Daedalic has ever done. Back then there was no elaborate tutorial that explained everything, players had to figure things out for themselves. Pretty much all Daedalic adventures have options to skip puzzles that are "too hard", in Monkey Island 2 you were just stuck. No, most Daedalic adventures (especially their later ones) are more on the easy side.
  16. I guess the problem here is, that Tim Schafer & Co. didn't really communicate that well (and I'm hoping that wasn't on purpose) that they intended to do a "more approachable" adventure like this. On the contrary, I remember the very first video with Schafer, when Ron Gilbert was still with Double Fine and they only started to openly discuss the Kickstarter pitch (btw: I didn't know then, that Ron Gilbert would have nothing to do with the game!). They specifically spoke a lot about niche-markets and how those can now be given games closer to their likings, because of things like Kickstarter. It was explicitly presented as the alternative to the classic publisher model, which would usually require appealing to a larger crowd. Actually when the Kickstarter campaign was such a success they pretty much promised an even more complex game, than in their first pitch that was only supposed to cost 400.000. That too had to shift expectations in a certain direction. Hardly anyone would have expected too much of a 400.000 game. Setting it up like that, had to disappoint people who believed that. It's weird now, when I hear people talk about appealing to wider audiences, when the whole presented argument about choosing Kickstarter, over a traditional publisher, was, so they wouldn't have to. What message is it supposed to send, that they pretty much still did the same thing? They better not repeat that argument in their next Kickstarter campaign. Going to Kickstarter was all about appealing to/mobilizing the fan base. And by mentioning Monkey Island and Day of Tentacle all the time, it was clear which fan base they wanted to mobilize. There can be no doubt about it. I liked Broken Age for various reasons too and honestly can't wait for Act 2, but you can't handle it like this and expect no one to feel... a little bit... deceived?
  17. I wasn't sure whom to choose in the beginning. I finally decided to go with Shay and played him until his part was done. I thought a couple of times about switching, but I was too involved into what was going on to divert my attention. It's definitely a nice idea to let players choose this, but I'm glad I played both parts in once piece, felt right.
  18. I liked the game a lot. There was a lot to love and only little to be disappointed by. I can't really answer the question though, because I didn't have expectations. I wanted to be surprised. I literally just wanted to see what Double Fine could come up with under these circumstances. Therefore I would have been okay with it either way. I guess one might say I had realistic expectations, if any. Even if the game would have totally tanked (and considering act 1 it doesn't look like it), I still would have gotten the documentary and all. Now I'm just looking forward to the rest of the game.
  19. I'm happy to break to you that it's no problem. Can easily be blocked with stuff like Ghostery https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ghostery/?src=ss
  20. Actually, there kinda is https://panopticlick.eff.org/
  21. Although this has nothing to do with what I said, actually nothing changed. You don't own games any more or less now than anyone ever did, because it was always a license you bought. Even many years ago when people still thought they owned stuff. But whatever.
  22. Seriously? I recently played and finished Memoria in like 4 days and I only played it ~2 hours every evening. There were no real blockers that stopped me from easily progressing most of the time. I wouldn't call the game too short, but it's not a long/huge game in terms of the time you spend in it. I never really understood that argument. Mainly because there's no deadline to finish a game in a certain time period - I guess it's different if you are a game tester... But most people aren't. If someone hasn't the time to finish a game at once, finish it over the course of a few weeks. It doesn't make sense to me for someone to buy 5 games and then finish none of them. 5x30=150 bucks wasted. It makes much more sense to buy just one (I'd say the most interesting) game and then finish that. More fulfilling and much cheaper... Oh and of course there's then no reason anymore to complain that games are too long...
  23. That's not a valid argument, since you DON'T know what you are doing, when you are playing Monkey Island for the first time. I wanna see the person who finished Monkey Island in under an hour, the first time they played it and had to figure everything out without any help. Of course games are shorter if you know the solution beforehand, sadly that's exactly what's NOT the case here. Don't be ridiculous.
  24. That may be true, regardless, it would have been nice to add an option to disable it for people who don't want it; even EA put an option to disable their "automatic feedback" into Mass Effect 3. It's not a free product, we paid for it. I also wonder if the DRM free version will have the same stuff in it.
  25. Has anyone actually monitored their traffic? Like Wireshark or something? Because I've never heard of GA being used like this. Maybe they offer this now, but usually people use different tools, if they want to record player behavior. //Edit Okay forget what I said, apparently that's a thing now (using GA in this context). *sigh*
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