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  1. Yes I agree, if you can seriously criticize anything about this game, it's tied to its length/puzzle difficulty. Apart from that there's a lot to love here. But you know, as long as it's nothing worse, I'm still really happy I backed this. I just hope that the second act is (at least) as good and we have a great game here.
  2. Have to disagree here. Maybe that's how you prefer it, but that's hardly true for everyone. I have accounts with all of the mentioned shops (and some more), but since I don't like big monopolies, I'm glad there's (still) more than one ubiquitous service. Also, sometimes one of them just has the better deal and I'm not even talking price here. At times GOG offers "free goodies" with a game, that can be really interesting to fans of a game, stuff that Steam lacks completely (seriously, Steam should learn from GOG in at least that regard). In that case I wouldn't even consider choosing Steam and so on. In any case, can't wait for Tuesday!
  3. Yes, probably not. I meant huge in comparison. I remember lots of locations. It also took me a really long time to solve it all. The puzzles back then were a lot harder than those in current adventures.
  4. When Tim Schaefer said this, it was the first time I had heard that. Maybe I'm just too dumb, so it took me too long to solve the riddles, OR it was too long ago, so I don't remember it correctly anymore, but I thought the game had an entirely normal length. It might have been shorter than other adventure games that came out at the same time, like "The Dig" (which was huge, if I'm not mistaken), but that doesn't necessarily make it short.
  5. I hope that's the case because the intent of the documentary was to give people insight into the development of a game, I think post release is significant and important to that (the teams reaction to it's reception, dealing with any issues that pop, such as any kind of patching that's necessary). Same here. I really hope they'll do an episode after it's all done, like an epilogue. Something that can already address feedback/"wisdom" that's only available after release and reactions and all that. That would be really interesting to me, if, at the end, DF feels like they achieved what they wanted - how things generally turned out in their own perception.
  6. So far I didn't even know we could choose characters like this.
  7. So your whole point is based on claiming that there are no comedies, or dramas or indie films in which people die or get killed? There are also tons of action movies with intricate plots btw...
  8. Weird, I thought it was really beautiful but had very easy riddles.
  9. I voted the second option (just kind of private), because I chose to back this adventure, so Double Fine could make an adventure - no other reason really. As long as a game made by people like Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert will materialize at the end of the process and I'll even get to see the documentation, I'll be happy.
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