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  1. I've absolutely loved the documentary. It has been worth far more than the amount I backed for, and really helped and inspired me as I began my journey into the game industry. I love the idea of an in-depth post-Broken Age interview with Tim. It would also be nice to get one with Greg, to get his perspective on the production side of things. I'm glad to hear that you're updating the color correction, but what I think the documentary needs much more is a higher-quality sound mix. I understand that you're limited by the source material, and spontaneity of shooting, but the levels seem to need some compression and adjusting. I often have to turn my receiver up quite a bit to hear certain sections, only to get my ears blown out at other times. I know it's a tough problem, but if there's one improvement I would love, that would be it. Thanks for a fantastic documentary!
  2. Thanks for the response Malena! Somehow I didn't see it until just now, but as I'm now going through the process of implementing a dialogue system on my own game, this thread has been immensely helpful. Thanks again! - David
  3. Thanks for the in-depth look at your dialogue pipeline! I'm an assistant editor at an animation studio, and had actually been curious as to how Double Fine records and processes dialogue. It's a big part of what we do as assistants, and we're always looking for ways to make it better. When you do this, do you give each variation of the line that was made in the studio a new linecode, Or are they put under the original linecode? Also, when you receive audio from the recording studio, do you receive one large file that your audio team has to chop up into clips, or is it already broken out by line for you? Is there any process of "marking" line reads (multiple reads of a single linecode), and if not, how are the various reads for each linecode auditioned? Are several reads sometimes edited together to make one "new" read for use in the game? I apologize for the plethora of questions; I'm just very curious. Thanks a lot! - David
  4. Thanks for this! My wife and I watch the DFA episodes via iPad -> Apple TV, and were having a tough time figuring out why this one wasn't working. I'll play the video from Kickstarter for now, but it'd be great if this could be fixed for mobile devices in the future. - David
  5. @BlueYoshi I guess I don't have it so bad after all, haha. The line appears as soon as I change in-game resolution, and is pretty permanent. It looks like it appears as a glow if I enable some of the additional graphics options. Here's a better image that I took this morning.
  6. Here's an image to illustrate what I was talking about. Though when I noticed it before it was much more of a 'glow', and not simply a thin line.
  7. BlueYoshi, thanks for taking the time to document all of these issues! I'm having all (or nearly all) of them, and have one to add: after changing in-game resolution, a glowing line is present at the top of the screen. I've really enjoyed Psychonauts, but as I'm not too far into it yet, I'm going to stop playing until the patch is released. I don't want to miss out on parts of the game because of audio dropouts and whatnot. I'm glad to hear a patch is coming soon! Thanks DF!
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