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  1. Fire Walk With Me is one of the most beautiful and harrowing films I've ever seen and it baffles me that critics continue to savage it. Also Moira Kelly is fabulous as Donna. So there.
  2. Incidentally, when was the last Banang! reference in a Telltale Game? Has it been in the more recent stuff?
  3. I'm happy a thread for this one has finally shown up. I mentioned it a few times in the "What are you playing?" thread, but it never seemed to get much traction. Anyway, yeah, it's absolutely stunning. Staggeringly brilliant in a literal sense - I didn't know what to do with myself for about a week after I finished it because it felt like there wasn't anything in the rest of my life that quite matched it. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this little video game is one of my personal favorite pieces of art ever made. It's haunting, hysterical, and absolutely beautiful.
  4. Law & Order was...not great, to put it bluntly. It's quick, there's no challenge, and I can't remember a damn thing about it beyond that. Probably the blandest of the Telltale Games.
  5. Some of us are still here! Looking at the list of episodes that need new color, it seems like there's a bit more to be done. Are you still planning to have the discs out by Christmas?
  6. There once was a dead guy named Tim, Who wanted treats, filled to the brim. Perhaps a fandango, But as all the best plans go Awry, the outlook is...grim. (As it turns out, "fandango" also means a useless or trivial act. Also yay for enjambment! (And all the best limericks start with "There once was a..."))
  7. About two hours into Undertale. It's incredible. Best game I've played in ages. Everybody go pick it up -- it's a steal at its current price.
  8. No official cover or name yet, but exciting nonetheless! EDIT: Coolsome, I'll be interested to know what you think of "The Wrong Doctors." It's probably my favorite main range release of that whole year.
  9. I've got quite a few Humongous Entertainment games on Steam from the latest Humble Mobile Bundle. I'd rather give them away in a batch, mostly because I'm lazy. SO! Answers on a postcard, please: why do you deserve these keys? What Humongous (get it? GET IT??!) things will you do with the games? (Basically, first one to PM me with a fun answer gets 'em. I'll keep you updated if more games are added to the bundle, too!)
  10. I'm thinking specifically of . Stuff that's probably more tonally or emotionally bothersome than plot-relevant.
  11. I'm with Vainamoinen on this one -- The Devil's Playhouse isn't just one of my favorite episodic games, it's one of my favorite games period. Shame that its hanging threads will probably never be followed up on, nor, presumably, will those from ToMI.
  12. Thanks for everything over the last three years, Double Fine and 2 Player Productions. It's been a crazy ride. I'll admit to getting a little...ahem...emotional over this episode. But of course, we've still got the Blu-Ray to come! Looking forward to spending more time with the team in the extra features.
  13. I asked 2 Player on Twitter, and they said it would be out before the end of the week.
  14. Beat me to it by a minute, Smiles. Now I think I should have used a more specific timeframe. Ah well, live and learn.
  15. I dunno...the lack of Zelda U definitely hurt them, but I thought the presentation was pretty good overall. Maybe we were spoiled by the other presentations -- I think this e3 has been pretty spectacular.
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