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  1. Happy to be a part of this! It's been really moving to see this all unfold. I wish all you guys at Double Fine much success.
  2. Ah, I see. Yep, totally agree. I'm not saying it's unreasonable to wish for any of these things, and I'm not saying they're all the same. The point I'm making is that people have all sorts of ideas about what old school means, and so framing the discussion as 'this was supposed to be an old school game, but ' is just going to cause disagreement and bad feeling from the get go. People should definitely talk about what they'd like to see, certainly. Rather than imagining that they've been misled or deceived in some way by the kickstarter, which is only going to insult the people that made the game and annoy the people that -are- satisfied.
  3. I'd say it's reasonable to argue that wanting harder puzzles is different than wishing for pixelation and no vocals. Like, personally I'd like for adventure games to evolve to a place where the art and sound were more beautiful, the controls simpler, the storytelling more affecting, and the puzzles more elegant and natural. I'd say with Broken Age we got all of those, which makes me very happy, but the one area where I'm a little disappointed is that the puzzles weren't harder to figure out. Because one of the greatest things about Tim's old games were how smart you felt when you finally figured something out. I think people are somewhat exaggerating how easy Broken Age is, but in general it IS a lot easier than those old games, and so I don't get to feel as smart. I believe they decided to go that route because of play testing and wanting the game to feel fun and not frustrating, and you can see in the latest documentary episode that they really want this game to sell well so they can stay independent. So, I do believe they're catering to a broader audience at the expense of us old school adventure game fans. And I can't say I blame them. Would I rather have a tougher game and no independent Double Fine? If that's really the choice, then no.
  4. Sticking the ladder into Mog Chothra's mouth. I got frustrated and Googled the answer, but afterwards (as always when I do that) I wished I had stuck it out a little longer and figured it out on my own.
  5. Well said! Thanks for posting this. I completely agree. (Except, I gave $30 )
  6. I spend the entire thread saying that I don't want to argue, that this is between myself and Double Fine, and I'm just here trying to reach them. How in the world is this "ruffling people's feathers" or "written in a very specific way to instigate pointless flamewars" ? Seriously, tell me. I don't buy that you don't want to argue. Know why? For one thing, you're full of arguments and incredibly defensive. I'll believe you don't want to argue when you stop arguing. I'm mostly replying to you (in this public forum) because I want to stand up for Double Fine. If you'd written your post in a respectful way, I wouldn't bother. Do you still think that I'm the one being unreasonable here? Absolutely. You didn't ask nicely.
  7. Felipepepe, you present yourself as making a reasonable, logical request, but you state many of your points in a way I (and others, obviously) find offensive. Many if not most of the assertions you make in your original post are subjective, but you act like they're objective. For example, that the game is "absolutely devoid of any challenge." Even if you felt the game was easier than classic adventure games and therefore isn't itself done in the style of those games as was promised, then you could've said it more like that. It feels like you're picking on Tim Schafer and Double Fine in a way that's especially offensive to a community that's here because we like and respect Tim and enjoy what he and Double Fine produce. Even among this kind of crowd, there's room for opposing viewpoints, but not for disrespect. I get that you also feel disrespected. But no one is jabbing at you like you're jabbing at Double Fine. I get the feeling you enjoy ruffling people's feathers. If that's true, rather than argue the point, be man enough to admit it.
  8. Just got this and the game looks beautiful, but I'd much rather play it with my PS3 controller than the keyboard. Is there still hope that game controller support will be implemented for the Mac App Store version? Thanks.
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