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  1. Just finished the game. I think Act 2 was HORRIBLE and DISGUSTING. It's practically a different game than Act 1. I understand some design choices but I cannot forgive them. Broken Age is a phenomena, it's going to be in the spotlight for years - and it resurrects all the 90's trends that adventure games just grew out of. The story runs on a cliff and jumps from it to a unimaginable void. All the mysteries and questions from Act 1 are answered in the first 15 minutes of playthrough. Why bother to finish the game - why bother to even continue playing if I already know that everything was a lie? The story just crosses itself out, I don't want to start a new game, I want to finish that one! And then everything is answered already, and what's left of it... is a shopping list. The writing goes checkpoint to checkpoint, providing the player with puzzles but never making any sense. The dialogues are jarring, coming straight from a Land of Boredom. I've spent a LONG time trying to make a joke - while not having any. Was that a joke in itself? The character of Vella has completely lost any personality, she just became a Galbrush and everyone treat that like an okay thing. Why is it okay? Where in the world a sane person could justify or at least explain her actions? She becomes a real terrorist, causing a nuclear meltdown - twice, with no apparent reason. The story. Oh, I guess I did expect the aliens, I just did not foresee that the aliens would be so native and so, so naive. My problem is not that the plot twisted on itself - it's what the plots usually do, you know. But you've got to check the corners, especially the big ones. Every "we've secretly planted our agents and openly sent Great Mogs" must be explained somehow, even a lousy excuse is better than no one at all. The increase of difficulty was a good notion but why crank it up to the highest? I spent 14 hours just on Act 2 just because the puzzles are consciously obfuscated. It increases the feeling of detachment. The game desperately needs a minimap. Act 2 has so little sense, the title doesn't get any. What is broken in this game except for the game itself? This is a very sick game and I'm afraid to see what adventure games could be inspired by it. I guess it's a good thing my name's not in the credits. Thank you for your patience reading my thoughts.
  2. Oreolek

    Stuck at Act 2

    Thanks! I've wasted too many hours on that. Did not try to talk to F'th'r while hanging.
  3. Oreolek

    Stuck at Act 2

    okay... what knot? what flow? what are you talking about?
  4. I'm playing for 12 hours already and I finally ready to admit that I'm stuck. Shay part, Act 2. Still have to get antigravity unit and fix the hexabot. Please help. I'm ready to just ditch the game already. It's frustrating as hell. Save file: https://oreolek.ru/temp/save.tar.gz
  5. Second that. The placement depends on game resolution (in my playthrough on widescreen monitor the text was more to the right). The text is between Shay and Space Weaver, it's just not a right place for a close shot.
  6. Just finished the game. Loved it. But there was a thing that bugged me as weird. Many characters (Shay, Vella, couple of supporting) use word "Man". A lot. It's The Favorite word of the universe. It's so common, it just irritates me a bit. I understand that will be a last thing to change (the voice acting and all) but could you just cut off some lines before this?
  7. At the first&second; Space Weaver encounter, if you click on the left door Shay will say "...now that the ship's on high alert". Ship's not on high alert until after the 2nd encounter.
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