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  1. So wait. Ophelia's body was at the bottom of the Sea of Black Tears? That Dark Ophelia wasn't the real Ophelia? Was her heart extracted to make Dark Ophelia, and Eddie restored it to her original body? Is this what happens to all teardrinkers, their actual bodies are stowed somewhere else like the bottom of the sea and are replaced with dark puppet versions of themselves? Does Ophelia have any memory of being a dark energy being type deal? Is this something that would be further explained in the sequel that was teased at the end? ...I'm not the only person who feels this way, am I?
  2. Except in this case, he wants to use the money to just make a game. He's confirmed here (http://andrewdickman.deviantart.com/art/Armikrog-Awareness-376607283) that Armikrog itself is free of any elements that could be considered controversial.
  3. Well, that's a big "derp" on my part. I didn't even know what that was, I thought it was one of them fancy graphics thingamajigggers like rastering or AA or something that would make my PC wheeze if I cranked it up even slightly. Thanks!
  4. Is the camera supposed to be zoomed in so close? I'm playing it windowed at 640x480 resolution (Mainly because my PC is crud), and Eddie's feet aren't even visible half the time. It's really hard to see around him.
  5. I actually completed Psychonauts when it was still free on Gametap (Huh, is that even a thing anymore?), but I suppose that it's good enough that it warrants a purchase and even another playthrough. And hey, even if it isn't, Costume Quest, Stacking and Brutal Legend (Not to mention the soundtracks) should cover the 10 bucks I paid nicely! Just out of curiosity, of the money that goes to Double Fine, how much will be used to fund Broken Age? EDIT: Ninja'd
  6. As of now, the only other thing I'm backing is Pro Pinball: Revived and Remastered. Since I'm something of a pinball nut, I'm pretty psyched for the photorealistic visuals and lighting this'll be offering. Provided they meet their quota, that is.
  7. Okay, so there aren't any hipster lumberjacks, and that's a huge shame. I will now express my disappointment with a sadface emoticon. But there is a chance we can have a literal dialogue tree, right??
  8. -The inner workings of a giant robot. -A dimension made entirely of shrimp.
  9. I've always had a fascination with deep abysses in the ocean. The lack of light, the weird critters that live in an ecosystem that's based off of bacteria and refuse from the surface instead of sunlight, the caves, the superhot vents, it's pretty cool stuff. Also, the digestive tract of a giant space beast.
  10. I don't know why, but seeing a picture of PaRappa the Rapper in Tim's office makes me smile. I'm not even a PaRappa fan, I'm just saying. If a title for the game wasn't already decided on, I was gonna suggest Parallax, but I'm not sure if it's such a great fit after looking up its meaning.
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