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  1. I'm terribly curious to see how things proceed with the game, particularly regarding whether and (if so) how the story mechanic which seems to be showing up will wind up relating to the topics discussed here. I am anticipating that aspect of the game with both interest and great fear. Trying to overcome a certain fear and dread associated with the state of gender reality and gender ideology in society is something I personally find important to actively do each day. Overcoming the dread to try my best to look at these things directly and without falling into comfortable self-delusion ranks among the most difficult things I feel compelled to do, in fact. The trailer for Broken Age makes me uneasy. I feel like that's one of the intended possible reactions (could be wrong). I say it does so rightfully, though, because the game is shaping up into something which as best my limited perceptions can gather is at least partly about components in humanity's less beautiful reality which thoughtful, self-aware people have a right to feel uneasy about (I'm wording it lightly). I would posit that the tough to look at truth is that sexuality, gender, and its implications represent a convenient dualism which covers and obscures matters much darker and more complicated than stereotyping of the "frilly and pink vs metallic and loud" variety. To sum up and conclude what is shaping up to be an unprompted and depressing viewpoint, regardless of whether these things are to be woven artfully into this great work whose skill and beauty I could never emulate with my crude prose, I will nonetheless say at this point, that at the very least by coincidence there is strange resonance between the picture such circumspection forms into my mind and the title this game has chosen.
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