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  1. Personally, I mashed on the recruit heroes button 3 or 4 times in the first 80 years. Even when I didn't feel like I particularly needed it at first, I was aware that there was an initial death spike coming when all my original heroes began to die of old age. I didn't really feel stable until I had 4 keeps running around the 120 year mark.
  2. I love the game, but at this point I'd wait until these last few features make it in the game. Personally, I played through once when all the backers were let in, and now I'm trying to hold off until official release.
  3. I posted in the update thread not knowing that this thread was already going on. This is pretty much what I was thinking, with a little small change: 50% get the Partner's primary as their secondary class. 20% get the Partner's secondary as their secondary. 20% get the Regent's secondary as their secondary. 10% become pure class of the Partner's primary. Edit: With maybe a switch to some of these %'s or an addition of a random secondary class for the Rebellious trait.
  4. I submitted what I thought was my first review, but I apparently posted a couple of really negative ones a few years ago *shrug* So my first positive review I guess?
  5. If I understand the system right, you can always get more pure hunter-classed heroes by breeding any heroes who both have Hunter as their primary. IE a Hunter/Alchemist and a Hunter/Caberjack would make pure Hunter babies? And that will always be valuable, if there are specific combinations of class skills you wouldn't want to trade for any of the new hybrid-class alternates. That's true but after the second generation the game will have to be biased toward hybrids as maintaining pure classes requires 2 bloodlines of the same class at least until later when 2nd cousins start cropping up. That or constant recruitment. So to get pure hunters your Kingdom build would have to be very Hunter focused. I wonder if this is a concern. Yeah, that would be my concern. In the one game I played (holding off until release to play again) It was at least year 150 before I had enough keeps to reliably have more than one family of the same class. I never got to the point where I had multiple families of all three classes. It would be interesting if there was a chance of becoming pure class, an equal chance of becoming a hybrid class with the spouses's class, and maybe a tiny chance of becoming a hybrid with either the regent's or spouse's secondary class. This would also provide more variety to children so it would be easier (or more complicated, more interesting maybe) to pick whom you wanted to use when a particularly prolific couple has 15 kids.
  6. Hmm, that's a lot more skills being changed by the hybrid classes than I expected. I hope it doesn't end up being to hard to just have a straight hunter when that's what you want.
  7. Finished the game on Sunday so I was able to fill out the survey. I stand by my choices of the Steady Handler and Eagle Eye both for alchemists. My first level 10 character was an Alchemist and he was utterly devastating, never missing even at the very edge of his range.
  8. This same thing happens with the Caberjack skill Fortify, which eventually caused me to stop picking it entirely because I was tired of the popups.
  9. I think Caberjacks come into their own once you get them a special weapon. The explosive caber in particular is pretty damn powerful. A knockback every turn means each Caberjack can lockdown 1-2 enemies, plus deal full damage every turn.
  10. There's a few different status effects in this game that pop up over characters' heads, so I would say you should at least keep an eye on that through out the game. Many games of this type display different status effects this way so I don't think it's particularly unique, but it certainly can't hurt to make it clearer. Maybe a freeze frame on the character the first time you get hit with the -150 xp on there to complement the voice over?
  11. I lost an entire house to this late game. I think I assigned two of the same gender without realizing it, both extremely young. When they died, there was no one left. When you're selecting a partner, it sorts by compatibility and has a compatibility message below each candidate which collects information about age, gender, and traits to give you a pretty accurate fertility picture. But yes, it would be nice to be able to free up a keep, even if that means that all the children in it retire to the countryside as well. Even if it's not a mistake you initially made, sometimes circumstances change.
  12. I might put in my first Steam review ever. *thumbs up*
  13. Lapses are tutorialized (unless you hit the bug where you didn't get the tutorial) and it shows a -150xp every time your soldier gets hit. I think they're introduced a bit too early myself, but it does at least give you a fighting chance of knowing what they do. In case you're actually wondering instead of posing a rhetorical question, each parent imparts a certain amount of XP per day to their child based on their level, so retiring high level heroes will result in a higher level offspring. Having a Crucible with a high level standard in it will increase this effect. The HP value doesn't mean anything on its own, but usually abnormally high HP values are the result of a trait which can be passed off to offspring (in the case of genetic traits) or any child adopted or not (in the case of personality traits.)
  14. I've taken to hitting them with my best ranged attacks, then using knockback to stun as many as I can each turn. The explosive cabers help immensely with that.
  15. For the bugs: - The seed display issue has been reported in the bug forum and is being worked on. - The areas that are black and white are areas that you have seen once, but are currently behind the fog of war (unless everything is shifting to black and white, which I've never seen before) For the suggestions: 1. I hadn't noticed this, since the border pops out to double size and I guess I'm just seeing that 2. I have the advantage of having watched all the team streams, but yes this is pretty unclear to first time players. Hopefully they get some more tutorial in there 3. I believe it is currently tuned to have a fight every 8-12 years, so if you're picking young folks, you could have 5 or even 6 fights with a character before they die of old age. If you're only getting a couple, you might be perpetually grabbing 40-year-olds to fill the ranks. Consider thinking of the future and putting in the 15-year-olds first. 4. Nicknames help with this, but it can be tough sometimes. Having a history of notable persons would be pretty cool.
  16. Hmm, enough people seem to have been caught in this hole that it seems like maybe popping a warning the first time you're putting the same bloodline in a second keep? Something similar to the no-research warning?
  17. There are a lot of good suggestions there, but I wouldn't count the Bulwarks out yet. The ability to pierce through multiple targets (and the inhuman ability to find somewhere they can stand to hit 3 at once) can make their lower damage add up quickly. Items wise, I too am pretty happy with just the health potion, the only other thing I decided to pick up was the aiming brace for my alchemists who can have two items. I wonder if having multiple items is a good solution, or if maybe the health potion is just too powerful on its own.
  18. Interesting, the only ability that I'd say I always pick is Alchemist L4 Eagle Eye, and it appears that I'm in the minority. I just hate missing, especially when you can kill your own solider with one miss on a toss. Edit: I will contribute further once I get some more experience with the higher level skills. I'm only about 100 years in right now.
  19. I started my last game with only one hunter who died in battle fairly soon. I managed to recover eventually, but it was rough for a while. Personally I hit the hire additional heroes a few times in the first 20 years or so. It helps dampen the blow from the wave of death that hits when your initial heroes start to pass from old age.
  20. I haven't gotten any relics yet at all despite not having researched any special weapons for 2/3 of my classes and one particularly nasty alchemist, nicknamed "Granny," getting double digit kills in a single mission, at one point killing three guys with one throw. I wonder if heroes die in events if it doesn't create relics.
  21. Used the resender and my Massive Chalice key is ready for when I get home.
  22. This is my first time playing since last year when it first released on early access. I'm glad that the number of ships forcably docking with your base is much decreased, but I can't figure out what to do with the few that do. My security folks won't explore them like they do derelicts, and they seem to spawn a pretty regular flow of raiders. Am I missing something obvious?
  23. Streaming my first play at http://www.twitch.tv/dewwar if anyone is interested.
  24. As someone who hasn't played since the first release, I'm happy to see this come out, regardless of the last bumpy month. I'm doubly happy to get a copy of Hack'n'Slash, which I have been debating back and forth on since the gameplay looks interesting, but the art style doesn't do it for me. Cheers to the team.
  25. You might consider removing the "Need to increase your pledge?" language from the Slacker Backer page as that is pretty much no longer possible. I searched around to see if I could upgrade, didn't see this post, and paypal'd in my money without knowing that upgrading was closed. Note, I've already had a conversation wtih support and I'm not requesting a refund or anything, just recommending a change to help clarify things as news of the Backer Beta gets out.
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