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  1. Yes, that is indeed very unfortunate. I wanted to back the game, couldn't do it right away and then forgot. Now that I have the money available, I would love to back the game, but there's no option anymore. That's really too bad.
  2. Is the PS4 upgrade option only for Psychonauts 2 or is there a port/emulated version of Psychonauts planned? (Sorry to ask here; I couldn't ask on Fig without backing first.)
  3. Soong

    PS4 port

    Hi! With all the love the PS4 has been getting from you guys lately, is there any chance of a PS4 port of "The Cave"? I really love the game and I will get a PS4 for Christmas and would love to re-play the game from my sofa.
  4. That's funny. I read "Guns & Corpses" which makes a lot more sense. What the hell is "Girls & Corpses"? Ok, I found it and yes, it is just as weird as it sounds.
  5. Wohoo! Wil Wheaton! He's one of my childhood heroes. Yes, I'll admit it, I liked Wesley Crusher and didn't want the character to die. But I love his books and his blog and he appears to be a pretty cool, down-to-earth guy. And a nerd of course, but that just makes it better. This video made a great start for my day! Thank you guys!
  6. I really like that suggestion! Those strech goals should be pretty easy to design, even without knowing the exact direction of the game yet. Also, as much as I like the documentary for Broken Age, 2PP won't be able to do two in-depth documentaries at the same time, let alone the kinds of videos that were suggested here. I think that would also be great to have, but I simply don't think it's possible.
  7. While I'm not usually a big fan of DLC, in this case I think it would fit the game and the project. As long as the original game is great, I would be happy to have more content added later, even if modularity means possibly having a smaller game at first (which I don't think it has to mean).
  8. Those are some really cool videos here! I was a little late starting mine and then I couldn't sort out technical problems with my camera in time. I tried to make use of the time difference between California and Germany, but in the end, I didn't think I could get it in in time. Plus, I didn't want to look like the Sith Lord in the video and avoiding that would have meant improving lighting quite a bit. ;-) I think there's plenty material to use either way though and I guess my video would have been more of a thank you video than a real explanation of why I backed anyway.
  9. I pledged 170 $ and I still would give them more. I wouldn't have been able to at the time, but getting a great adventure game is worth a lot to me. That being said, I'm also worried about how an additional fundraiser would look to the overall public and I also think that maybe having to cut some scenes may be good artistically. I'm always sad to see undeveloped parts of games that seem like they could have been great, but there are also always parts that are better gone and the result is a more polished game.
  10. I liked the credits too! I usually read them, even if I don't know most of the people involved. In this case, it felt like watching old friends' names come up in the credits.
  11. I think different distros don't have to be a huge issue. The easiest solution that will be both convenient for users and will also make sure things don't brake in the future, would be to release the engine code (including the modifications) so it can be included in the distros by the distributors themselves. All the art, sound, script and so on could then be a separate package (for sale of course, and also proprietary) that can be dropped in a certain directory. Another option that is used by other software developers is to include all the libraries and not use the system ones. In this case the distro doesn't matter much either. I think the first option is preferable, though.
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