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  1. That's all mostly true in retrospect, but I didn't figure it out because I was led to believe I had to use the ladder, I did that out of frustration, taking away the satisfaction of solving the puzzle for the right reason. Also, my assumption was that I needed to free my hand to fire the death ray, not necessarily use an item. I also did not assume that Mog Chothra's mouth was flappy enough to just shove any old object in there, I figured it would be a tighter-lipped beast. There was dialog about the mouth being closed, but given the other 'clue' that shooting it in the eye would open the mouth for an extended period of time, it was misleading. Perhaps it was designed that way on purpose, but I still felt no motivation behind using the ladder. I think another way to do it would be to allow Mog Chothra to pick you up with its mouth open, but not be able to fire because the death ray had to recharge, cueing a need to keep the mouth open for a bit longer so that you could fire the death ray. THEN I would have been like "Oh, right! I know what to do! Just prop the mouth open with the ladder. Duh!"
  2. In a lot of old adventure games, we are allowed to gather items far in advance from when we'd actually ever use them, but I feel like Broken Age has a chance to make that right. I found myself collecting things and trying to get stuff without a reason. This was very apparent in the Vella storyline (not sure about Shay yet). This made the puzzles very easy to solve, as I always had the items I needed before having to think about it and hunt down the solution. Vella Examples: Making a stool - I was able to talk to Curtis about making me a stool before talking to the tree about what made it sick/barf sap. Driftwood - I was able to pick it up before talking to Curtis about needing wood to make me a stool. Getting the pail - Almost immediately I was able to talk the Mayor into giving me the pail on his head. I didn't have a reason for this yet, as I hadn't even made the tree barf up sap to collect. Collecting sap - I had a bucket of sap before I even talked to the 'Mayor' about his sand not holding together. Stained Glass - I was able to poke and grab the diamond stained glass chunk before I had a reason to get it (aka, I hadn't broken the quartz panel in the ship yet). "Art" in Curtis's house - I was able to talk him into giving me the 'art' above his fireplace before I actually wanted or needed it for anything. (I had not even been in the Dead Eye God temple/ship, so why would I want it). Fixing/rewiring the Death Ray - I had not talked to Alex about fixing the ship or anything of that kind and I was able to go pop out panels, put the stained glass in place and build a death ray simply by playing around with it. I had no motivation to do so other than just clicking around and knowing how adventure games typically work. I would have liked Vella to have some concerns about touching anything else after breaking the first quartz panel. Maybe bringing Alex the stained glass and having him be 'ok' with me monkeying with the circuit. It also cut off the rest of the dialog tree with Alex, which I had to reload and go back to enjoy.
  3. I've only played through Vella's storyline so far, but the last scene with Mog Chothra was a bit confusing. The first thing I tried was zapping it in the glowing red eye and watching its mouth open. I knew instantly that was the target. Once I was grabbed, I picked up on the "need my hand free" bit pretty quickly and zapping the other tentacles, but shooting it in the red eye made the mouth open for an extended period of time. This led me to believe it was a timing puzzle, where I had to shoot it in the eye right before being picked up, so I could then shoot it in the mouth. After many attempts at this without success, I randomly started using inventory items and finally hit on the ladder. It wasn't 100% obvious what I had to do, or that I could interact with the mouth or Mog Chothra in any other way than the death ray. Suggestion: Perhaps during the scene and after a few failed attempts to zap Chothra in the mouth, have Vella say something about "I need to find a way to keep that mouth open." Maybe there was some hint that I missed, but if so, I'd like to know what it was so I can replay that area and see my own ignorance at work.
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