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  1. First: SO HYPED for this game. Like, I was cheering at certain parts of the episode. This is so cool guys. I did have a question, and kind of a weird meta one: What effect is the documentary itself having on development? Like, if I were the artist who animated the entire Marek scene that had to be redone, I think I'd actually find some solace in knowing the backers saw it in the documentary (and Tim gave it such a great compliment) and just knowing that all my hard work wasn't wasted because of it. It's got to take some of the sting off. I imagine there's a number of other things that would be slightly different just because of the public nature of development, and I'd be interested in hearing more about that. Also, random idea that if it could somehow be implemented might be cool: the repetitive sequence could have some kind of joke that shows up every time, or maybe subtly changes? A repeated gag would keep the repetitive nature of the scene intact (and still be appropriately frustrating) but would keep it entertaining while the player tries to break out of the loop.
  2. These casting vids are exciting! But now I have to wait til the 7th for more news....
  3. Watching the internal critique of the game is actually really fascinating! Agreed with everyone else that 2PP is doing an amazing job so far. The episodes are actually almost as good as the fact that we're getting a new Double Fine adventure game...
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