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  1. Soon =) It will happen next week some time. HAHAHA I can't wait to see that!! And it's soooo cool that you guys are actually really reading this, most devs would be just annoyed by a nitpicky post like this one hahaha. Hope it helped, though! ;D
  2. Whoa! How come i didn't think of doing that!! hahaha About the stance, I can't think of too many ways to deviate from HWG's as is. I don't think the grip will change that a whole lot =p But there's something really fun about carrying it like a minigun yet it's just a really heavy log ;D
  3. Hey cool observations! Thought i have to point out a few things. Yeah, the original grip looks cooler looking by the side, but remember the game is experienced in an isometric view, so the rotated grip can look just as cool when you put the Z axis on to the equation. About using gravity, that was precisely one of the reasons i felt the original grip bugged me, let me try to illustrate that particular point a bit better: Thinking about the arm as a rope, on the original design all the rotation on the swing happens on the wrist, since the wrist is not rotating on the same axis as the rest of the arm, rotating the handle makes the wrist is freer. It's more ergonomic. I can totally see a dude trying to replicate this weapon and potentially hurting himself. You can even make the trust go further , because If you release one of your hands midswing you can push the caber momentum further (it can even be a skill that allows CJ to trust one square further at the cost of not attacking next turn or something.) You can do it on the original too, of course, but it doesn't look as practical. I'm not at all saying I'm 100% in the right, here. It's just that it looks so much more functional to me for it to be that way.
  4. Heya, Guys!! I was here on one of my insomniac wanderings and it suddenly got to me why out of all the classes (that i love btw) the caberjack was somehow not cutting it for me. And I thought was weird because it's the class I wanted to like the most! I LOVE IT, but the weapon, It was looking just... so impractical and cumbersome for some reason (even considering superhuman heroes with amazing strength hahaha). And then it occurred to me it may be this simple thing (sorry about the bad drawing, i hope it's understandable =p): You see the wrist there? I figure if you just rotate the handles 90 degrees the thing will just be a lot more useable. That is because you can draw a lot more force by using it on that position. Just about every movement i can think about with the thing suddenly becomes much more plausible. Of course it's just a suggestion (there may be even better ones). It's just that as a person that studies movement, that one just bugged me a lot all of a sudden hahahaha Thanks for your time! Keep up the awesome work!!
  5. With all do respect you can assure me no such thing. In fact I think it's cool that people could discover over 2,000 different bloodlines instead of just picking a sigil and colors they like and changing the name to make their own. I also hope that Houses AwesomeDougles and FartPoopiePants are nowhere in this game considering the naming restrictions that will be in place. However I do also love customization so I see validity in your point. I just don't think it's at all a good solution to allow full on customization. Sorry, reading it again, that quote can come out as me saying the backer made bloodlines are a bad thing. I don't think that at all! I think it's an awesome thing, and I sure as hell want to see what you guys are gonna come up with, just like you!! I just wanted to say that being forced to have a bloodline you don't like in your game will possibly not be so cool for everybody. It could even ruin it for some people. I hope that made sense.
  6. Read a bunch here, and I'll give my 2 cents too. I know that if you backed the bloodline thing, you want your bloodline you customised to show up and be important and all, I get that. But I think as a player, it's kinda not something even you will really dig, I can assure you! Even people who backed this Tier and have their name in the game!! Let's say someone ends up with a super awesome hero that he likes very much that belongs to the house AwesomeDouglas created by Douglas Awesome. This guy hates house AwesomeDouglas, he thinks it's lame. He hates the person who designed this house. He had a problem with Douglasses in the past. He has a personal problem that he can't read the word Douglas without crying. He hates the sigil of house AwesomeDouglas as well as the Motto and the color. But he doesn't want to delete this Hero, he saved the day! He thinks his most awesome hero should be from House FartPoopiePants with his own motto. Because house FartPoopiePants is the awesomest! See where I'm getting there? You can't deprive someone you never met/will never meet the option of changing this! You don't know this person! Your name will still be in the game for whomever wants to use it! It could even be an incentive for people to create cooler houses and sigils that people will WANT to keep in their game instead of editing out! Think about it! I'm sorry if you feel like paying 100 dollars is not a good investment unless someone be obligated to see your name in a game, guys. But please, be reasonable. Being able to edit a house you don't like out of a game is the sensible thing to do!
  7. That's a pretty cool idea! I thought about it too! I also thought that You could choose (or personalise) one of the starting heroes to be you, the Immortal King (or Queen, of course) himself! That'd be a nice way to insert you into the game world instead of you just being a god figure or something, as well as being a nice tutorial level. You can be that character the people chose to cast that last resort Immortality spell on to buy them time from their inevitable doom and possibly save their Kingdom.
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