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  1. blehfds i'm sorry. avoidance is a self-rewarding behavior I'M BACK NOW I'LL TRY TO STAY BACK
  2. um?? the issue wasnt that it was my situation. it would be exclusive wording whether i was cis or not. and i wasn't offended, just kind of hurt. and i whited it out not because i was being passive-aggressive but because i was being a coward and also i didn't want to derail the conversation.
  3. hee hee. i didn't actually pay for tickets. i just went and hung around in the convention center. i didn't go into any con-only areas though, it would have felt wrong. (i went as rarity! sort of. casual cosplay.)
  4. I'm all for equality. Though some seem to want more, talking about such geniuses who claim that men are a mistake of nature and shouldn't exist. Though i guess everyone can be an asshole, but that's what many these days associate with feminism. see, this is what the whole "straw feminists" thing is based on. i'm sure there are "feminists" who think that way, but it's a witheringly small fraction. it's like if a small group of men got together and started committing arson, and everyone decided that meant all men were arsonists. the issue with female supremacists isn't that they're "feminists." it's that they're terrible people. and more importantly, that the disheartening majority conflate "female supremacist" with "feminist" and use that to attack feminism as a whole. like you are doing now, on a mild and well-intentioned scale. also, and this is only tangentially related, i really dislike it when people say things like "men and women both should be free to wear whatever they want and fight for their rights." it's... it's exclusive, and it hurts. i'm not a man or a woman. does that mean i shouldn't be free to wear what i want and fight for my rights?
  5. also me, and someone else who i'm not sure would be ok with me saying. aspies unite! (and i'm 18) (that is so weird to type)
  6. ...jesus lord. i wasnt expecting to log on to see that ok. 1: it isn't a cosplay, it's what i wore to cirque du soleil last weekend. 2: those are actually suit shorts, they didn't photograph very well. as in they're very nice and made out of legit suit material and everything. 3: blaaaaah my face was being dumb that day stap.
  7. hi i'm back! i went to ECCC! it was great! i feel like my return to the forums has been a huge return followed by a string of smaller and less important returns.
  8. i honestly can't tell if that quote is really sarcastic or just really dumb.
  9. you wouldn't happen to be related to ludacris, by any chance?
  10. there is! there's an app called Tumblr Savior that will block posts with words in them that are on your blacklist. i don't know if you can get it for iPad but??? hopefully that will be helpful
  11. i am reduced to snarking silently on the usernames of the people who reblog. "ieatedawaffle reblogged your post" "a waffle. a single waffle. that is the achievement in your life that you choose to define yourself by. the consumption of a single waffle. well, i guess it's good to have low standards." "cocain-sugar reblogged your post" "you really shouldn't mix those two up. also, you misspelled cocaine." "narkolepticninja reblogged your post" "ooh! misspelling AND cultural misappropriation! i'm so close to getting a bingo!" RELATED: did you know that if you take the "ca" out of "location" you get "lotion"
  12. the first time it got reblogged by a friend i actually smiled and said aloud "my work here is done." 13,483 notes later, i am fervently wishing that had been the case
  13. yes, i came up with and wrote the post myself. no, i did not come up with the [location] Man thing. that started with Florida Man last fall. many of my friends were making posts about [their hometown or state] Man. i made my own. mine was the one that got popular. i would have been happy, in fact, much happier with like 8-30 notes. i was not expecting 13,000. i did not want 13,000.
  14. it actually will never show all your notifs at once, i think it only shows like 50 at once? id have to check but. it basically means that all the notes you care about disappear before you can see them
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