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  1. When doing a speed run I found a strange thing happen collecting the items on the starship. I did so by spacing through all the cut scenes. I undid the bridge the first time I was in the fake adventure. I did the avalange once normal, the second time I got the canister. I entered the hug attack room the first time AFTER Marek. The thing in there didn't have the crochet hook in it. Then I asked to do the mission again. spaced. And after that I saw Shae re-enter the room with the crochet hook suddenly in the back of the creature. then I could get it via the dialog option. regards Oliver
  2. oh, and there I was patting myself on my back for being such an experienced Adventure game player.... I agree that I felt most puzzles were easy. My only issue - where I needed a hint - was the missing peach. I think the problem is that BA is trying to make adventures a thing again, after decades of falling into oblivion. Telltale's approach is to make it an interactive story with gestures or buttons to push at the right time. DFA's approach is to make it simple and beautiful. I fear that the time might not be ripe yet for a more complex Adventuring system with different kinds of verbs. regards Oliver
  3. I thought that DF is still under press embargo until the public release date. Still, tons of "reviews" are appearing on game websites and even "walkthroughs" on YouTube. So what's the deal. Can anybody post something about Broken Age, or will there be consequences? I guess DF would welcome the press buzz... or don't they? regards Oliver
  4. When you go down the ladder Vella arrives without cloud shoes on. When you go back up you have to put them back on again. Maybe if you go down Vaella should say something to the the effect of "I guess I don't need these down there" and take them off before climbing down? regards Oliver
  5. Going back up inside the peach tree Vella comes out above the branches and then climbs back down. I find it illogical why she couldn't stay up day and just walk along on of these branches to pick a peach. Either have a hole at "cloud level" where she would come out visible instead of climbing down. Or allow her to stand at the top, but when trying to walk towards peaches she could say that she's afraid that the branches wouldn't hold her or something. regards Oliver
  6. I started with Shae and when you then get switched to vella there is a little icon that you can click to switch back to him. But he just lies there. On my first play through I thought, "ok, I'll return to Shae at some point, so let's enjoy Vella for now". But then I got to the end of Act 1 without having seen what's going on with the boy. So I speed-run through the same again - took me like 5 minutes - to when I get to the girl. Only to find this thing that Shae is just lying there, and nothing I click has an effect. I would suggest that either you remove the button as it is causing confusion and frustration. Or you add some form of interactivity to the "dead (?) Shae" screen that tells you that at this moment there is nothing to do or see here. regards Oliver
  7. Woodman mentioned his ex-girlfriend Becky and she's mentioned again as the author of the Yarn puzzle. But where is she? the other thing I found odd about the Peach was, that I didn't get the peach before going down. So I was stuck getting into the pyramid. I think there should be some sort of hint why the peaches would be found in cloud colony on the tree. also the farthest person tracking away from the pyramid who has a hint is woodman. All cloud colony folk have nothing to say to you about the peaches or the riddle. when you present the peach as solution I didn't get the explanation why this is the correct answer. This needs to be explained a bit more. Finally, where is the point of the left-over maiden in cloud colony? She has no hints or objects for us. Looking for wood earlier I tried clicking on the burst cages because they seem to be made of wood, but there is no interactivity. I guess she could in the least help with the riddle or the peaches. regards Oliver
  8. Don't know if this is a Steam (Mac) problem or belongs to BA. I had the problem twice after returning to my Mac and waking it from hibernation I tried to launch BA via spotlight. I only got a dialog to the effect of "checking", but the game never started. When I force quit Steam, and tried then, the game launched right away. regards Oliver
  9. On two occasions in cut scenes (playing on Mac) I saw the piece of the neck move above the face in z Order. This would look like the head popped of for a fraction of a second. The neck should always stay below the face to avoid this. Sorry, but I cannot be more specific which scenes I saw this in. I should have made some notes during my play through. regards Oliver
  10. On most screens I found that if you entered and then exit right out again, the character will walk a bit in and then out. This looks weird. Rather I would expect no movement or just turning around before the switch to the other room. regards Oliver Drobnik
  11. We are worrying! Ever since the ending of the december episode we are on tenterhooks whether Reds will actually work out, whether DF will survive, or whether it will take down the entire gaming industry... And now there is no update for more than a month. Probably all our fears are turning into reality. Please, we need a sign of life! kind regards Oliver Drobnik
  12. Found a small glitch: When doing the meteor super move (or was it the butt drop?) the hero drops off the screen and will sit below the bottom edge. That he is is still there I saw from doing something where you see some +something over the heroes' heads.
  13. iOS apps are so-called fat binaries combining the exact same code for multiple CPUs. For an iOS app that would be armv6 and armv7, or more recently armv7 and armv7s. Apps running on simulator are build for i386 architecture. I have - in all the three years that I am making iOS apps professionally - never seen an app that combines i386 and arm code. You can do that with static libraries, but I don't think Xcode supports doing that for app bundles. Long story short: trying to run an arm binary can never work on Simulator.
  14. drops

    PS3 Bugs

    Aha, thanks. Nevertheless I posted my bug reports for somebody to make something of it, not to rant or complain.
  15. drops

    PS3 Bugs

    How do you kill your character on the PS3?
  16. drops

    PS3 Bugs

    Hi, I just played through The Cave once and found these issues: - on several occasions the collision detection with the floor got broken causing the character to be stuck knee-deep in the floor. I had to exit the game and continue from save game to get the character unstuck. - one the island at the top next to the chess-playing hermit I was able to jump into the pool with the water wheel from the right and swim outside of the pool under the floor to the left of it. - On the prehistoric level the well is only restored if the characters pull the stone wheel. That's illogical it should also work if they pushed it to the side and their bones would then block the wheel. - It is hard to pick up items that came out of a machine. For example the hotdog from the hunteress' machine. It takes a minute of fussing around until you manage to pick up the hot dog - Same is on places where you have a cave painting glyph and an item in front of it. It seems to prefer to re-show you the painting as opposed to prioritizing the item. - When running a long way it looks like my PS3 is occasionally dropping frame causing the beautifully smooth 3D scrolling to visually deteriorate a bit. - I saw one place where the shading in the background pops in with a darker overlay over a light shade. This also degrades the visuals a bit, probably unnecessarily. I hope that someone can forward these to the QA Team. kind regards Oliver Drobnik www.cocoanetics.com
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