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  1. Concept Art

    @osse101 I like this idea, I might try it out for myself.
  2. Screenshots & Videos

    Made a gif of some of the things we have currently.
  3. Screenshots & Videos

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4DlVPd_1DaUQW5nel9MeGxrZ2s Testing out one of @kednars paddles
  4. Art assets

    Thanks @kednar, lookin good.
  5. Screenshots & Videos

    Yeah, you might be right.
  6. Screenshots & Videos

    @KGuNN @kyle3wynn well, it might be a little more insteresting with working flippers.
  7. Concept Art

    We could also tilt the characters so they're not exactly following the "rules" of the perspective. Just a thought.
  8. Concept Art

    That's cool, I like the idea of invoking the feel of the classics.
  9. Screenshots & Videos

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4DlVPd_1DaURkhCTlBWSFFCM3M/view Updated menu from @possiblyanidiot, loading @KGuNN's table and assets. Updated networking code from bobsayshilol and @jctwood My todo list currently: Fix paddles placement for kgunns table Controllable flippers Play the music + sfx we have currently
  10. Music

    @kyle3wynn sure, I mean it's still very WIP. You would need rendered stems for that, I assume, anything else?
  11. Music

    Feel free to post your music in here! Here's something I'm tinkering with, might be a bit too dark in style. https://soundcloud.com/lightsoda/a-pong-of-balls Also, the pitch music, which I guess you've all heard by now: https://soundcloud.com/lightsoda/pongballpitchmusic-extended Also thanks to @kyle3wynn for his cool space music which is up in the repo
  12. Concept Art

    Alright, tried making something with a bunch of pinball elements, I guess the layout is based on @KGuNN's concept. Overall I would like more just reactive stuff on the board itself. I've completely omitted the player zones in this so pay no attention to that... I also made a quick sketch for what I would imagine character movement to be like if we went with actual characters, but I wouldn't mind something more abstract like @kednar concept.
  13. Concept Art

    That's a really nice concept for a table. I feel like getting a good table design in place should be the first step, since it's a big part of how the game works, so we can get core gameplay in place. I will try and come up with some additional concepts during the day. But if we don't come up with anything that's much better, I might take a stab at putting your concept in the game, @KGuNN
  14. Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone, my name is Kjell, I live in Sweden. I usually spend my days implementing user interfaces for desktop and web applications. Music, programming and 2D/3D graphics (how vague) are probably my main hobbies, and game development is something that lets me do some or all of those things. I participate in Ludum Dare somewhat regularly.
  15. Pongball Pitch

    @KestrelPi No worries, your input is still welcome.