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    I'm a 28 yo iOS developer working at IceMobile and living in Amsterdam! See you around!
  1. P & I also like R... the fact that she doesn't like her outfit is ace! hahaha
  2. A zoo where humans are caged and plant families visit. A botanical garden where all plants play poker and smoke cigars when all human visitors are gone. An ice world where humans only inhabit the 2 poles of the planet (which have a green climate) and where those 2 poles have to communicate with pigeons and/or scouts/messengers.
  3. Any Double Fine employees or Adverture backers going to be at Apple's WWDC? Would be great to meet up and have lunch!
  4. Since DFA is also coming out on iPad, are there any DF developers at WWDC? If not, are there any other backers going? Would be great to meet up and have a lunch with attending backers/DFs!
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