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  1. Thanks so much John! :.::::. .:..::. :.::..: ...
  2. It would be cool if Gilbert decides to release his adventure engine. After the game will be finished and there will have been time to relax and preparing the code. Looking at the available options, i think there exists a lack of a focused, modern, crossy and not bloated engine for these type of games. It might be able to get some people into programming or playing around with this stuff. Others might use it for non-/commercial work (as long as the source is provided). AGS/...just aren't sexy options. I'm glad that he decided to write his own. Btw. Terrible Toybox is a ter... nice name. This also was one of the aspects DF went silent about during the end of the campaign.
  3. ✓ Keep the low res gfx for 2D (Pixel-Ben is one of the best sprites already) but improve the gfx/controls for driving (some more driving wouldn't hurt) and fighting on the road, maybe also some tweaking for the interludes [but without looking displaced to the otherwise low res gfx]. ✓ Rewrite/improve the car crashing mini game. ✓ Rework/replace the coin interface, at least offer two options like in DOTT. ✓ Add content/puzzles and improve the accessibility/design of a few puzzles (bunnies/crowbar/...). ✓ Higher quality sound but only if it's consistent. ✓ Reasonably priced, DRM free for Win/OS X/Lin, adding the original too. ✓ German talkie would be nice. FT is one of the few games where the german version is the best. ✓ Docu track (keeping in mind what has been said in the other ones already, to keep it interesting.), maybe with an Auto-Play mode.
  4. Hmm, i didn't like the idea during Amnesia Fortnight a lot (what about Chad's game?!) but it looks interesting, like a Paradroid/platformer/story combination, in a slightly weird look. What do 2001 and Barbarella have in common? Kubrick and Trumbull vs. Fonda? I would choose ... oh, well. ) Although it still feels weird and not logical to me. I don't like the title. Focus on platforming, staging and easy puzzles? I see some Deflektor, Lunar Lander, ... will you need to transport stuff like in Thrust? I do like the idea of utilizing different kind of robots (although not with an/my organic head story, puzzle and gameplay related) when they vary (industrial robot/Robby/sex robot/psychologist/swarm/vacuum cleaner/... i'm ready for you, robots) and using lots of lasers (size and power could depend on energy/overheat) but shooting looks so slow. In a few earlier 3D games you could overtake your own fire and get shot by it. What about the speed of light, a felt fraction of it and more continuity? This must be an anomaly or a hardcore medium. Reality isn't always the biggest fun but some things feel displaced. Hey, so far this looks like the most unique game DF will come up with next year.
  5. [Every image/post contains music, link(s) or the info to search for, enjoy the et cetera.]
  6. The best is when you scroll such content. Yep, i also often have to think of this when watching all the retro stuff. Curved TVs, monochrome (green/amber) monitors, higher quality computer CRTs, digital displays, retina displays. Pixels came a long way. On a typical home computer CRT the gfx weren't as sharp and direct like on todays displays (the video signal from your gfx chip/card/da-converter mattered a lot) which blurred the content and (together with blacklines) increased the otherwise low resolutions you could afford for games related content. Nontheless we were sitting pretty close to those displays and enjoyed the gfx a lot. The 1081's afterglow was fantastic for smooth movements with contrast. The worst things i remember were Amiga's PAL interlacing mode and early days VR goggles, these hurt in your eyes and head real quick. Magnetic Realms did a nice job with Inescapable (looking forward to Exile's End) in trying to achieve such a look. Naturally these limitations influenced your designs, you took advantage of them or tried to avoid certain stuff. Earlier LucasArts adventures had a clean look for their sprites, well chosen colours/tinted outlines. It depends on your style but it can be easier coming up with a nice pixeld gfx than something which looks convincing and consistent in high res. Some artists shine with pixels, others show their true talent in high res. The Wadjet Eyes games often look wrong to me, they make me want high res. You also might want to differ between 2D and 3D, 3D often cries for high res whilst low res still looks nice in 2D, also without any CRT mimicking. Filters and interpolation in ScummVM looks rather bad, better going with something like plain x4 instead.
  7. Yup, it can be hard trying to achieve (almost) the same thing in low and high res. The original DOTT (like others) has its own consistent form, thickness and flat & shaded look due to the res/aliasing. There exist subtile but very recognizable differences and stuff which works in low res doesn't automagically work in high res and the other way around. It needs special treatment (look at the characters, specific areas in the scenes). New gamers might just be fine with the way it will be. It could have been nice seeing Grossman returning to adventures, after he left TTG. 3D has introduced many enhancements over 2D and is pushing the borders of what you can do in video games and serious applications but it's often still caged by todays common display and input devices. You can do great stuff in 3D when, project related, you don't get into conflict with its constrains or you're aware of these issues and can address them (controls/cameras/interfaces/awareness of what you can do & see/...). Some genres/games are making a good effort here. DF has a tendency of not caring enough about these things, which is unfortunate as they put all this efforts into the other aspects of their games already. Anyway back to DOTT, the salt of the DOTT's RM lies within the documentary track and possible sfx enhancements (not sure about music yet, as the AbLib sound was just fine.) It would be nice if DF could add the original version this time (as they should have provided the original with GF RM too). Reasons: many platforms/resource friendly/ScummVM comfort/being able to play/own the original as well). DOTT has focus and you already connect with new scenes because you know them from other timelines (pros and cons), which again they can use as a design element. What i disliked was that the timelines in the past and the future just weren't this exciting. I mean there could have been dinosaurs and stuff. There exist more interesting things than US history or the future they've shown but i very much enjoyed Bernard's timeline and thinking on these three connected layers. Sam & Max probably would have used this potential on a different level.
  8. http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/trirmu1idxwkl.png
  9. Some adventures "increased" the felt number of items by badly designed interfaces. Whilst items in DOTT and its interface worked very well and where The Dig offered a clear view, other adventures like GF felt limited and cumbersome in this respect, same with FT and the DFA. Schafer doesn't really seem to enjoy/grok inventories, items and creating/solving puzzles with them. FT offered some nasty pixel hunting in order to compensate a lack of length/substance/good puzzle design. It had a ugly interface (uncomfortable coin thing, four slots only with bank switching). Not this many items, except ... The beauty of FT was all about the characters, the world, the sounds of the bikes, the humour and some yummy stuff happening (though being more grown up/complex wouldn't hurt) and kicking stuff. FT's driving and fighting on the road was a lot of fun but the steering was awful. One of the aspects they should try to address when making a RM. On the other side the car crashing game was a screwed up mess. You don't need mini games for a great adventure but when they are good, fun to play and fit into the world/story, they can add to the experience/offer some change. The first mini game in the DFA was pretty good and looking great. Sam & Max's Wak-a-Rat was no real fun, it somehow lacked a gameplay justifying being in the game. TTG did a couple of bad mini games. The worst are those when they implement some disconnected Sokoban or Minesweeper like in Broken Sword and quite some other adventures or when trying to push an engine too much, so that the final result, whilst showing some dev effort, primary sucks for the player. Hmm, hard to think of THE best inventory/item puzzle and mini game.
  10. It will be funded but without the number of supporters the DFA once had which might be due to the high(er) pricing, the DFA's specific history and Kickstarter experiences generally and i wouldn't be surprised if fig.co feels like a hack to some people. It feels a lot like the movie bizz (RM/SE/part 2/3/4), imagine something new for such a budget. Early bird tiers. The game most propably won't happen till 2019. Some might think to better buy it once it will be released, maybe in a sale, after a review. Several projects crowdfunded, none of them are fully finished yet. And so on ... Jack Black always seems to be super motivated (Year One), the video sometimes has a somehow weird tone and lacks a sparkle of greatness and density. Chan in the role of Gilbert. Wolpaw's shaking and gesture. Newell always has this big HL3 aura around him. 3D platforming still isn't as good and focused as in 2/2.5D. What i liked about Psychonauts were its ideas, variety, characters, mood and music. What i disliked often were its level design/gameplay, controls, low res textures, balancing and sometimes just not being fun. Good luck.
  11. http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/hex94rx7smlzc.png
  12. http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/fullthrottlef7juwr2hp3.png
  13. Yikes! They could implement a scene like being at a beach where you can pick up stuff like stones, shells, branches, bottles, hands, feathers, ..., rubber tentacles, did i mention stones already? And you can do this in quite some ways or spread stuff all over the world but i doubt that it will be fun without a mechanism in the world to get rid of stuff/group/sort/... or limit most of it to specific areas/amounts when there only might be 8 slots visible on the screen. I'm sure they're aware of such things but if they wouldn't be, it might feel weird, maybe like a not this elegant increase of complexity/gaming time, like DOTT's toilet time machine bottleneck.
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