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  1. You'd have to be pretty naive to not believe Tim is IMMENSELY pressured by this project. Sure there's no publishers - instead there's 90000 of this most dedicated lifelong fans expecting greatness. And boy will he hear about it if he screws up somehow (not that he will)
  2. NDAs are a waste of time and just give sleazy lawyers more money to write up and try to enforce, futilely.
  3. Pretty sure Tim and Ron have completely burned their bridges with LucasArts. And good for them, they're more creative on their own.
  4. We don't even know that DoubleFine are making their own engine at this point - they're currently weighing their options and looking at off-the-shelf engines.
  5. I want whatever Tim decides. We paid to have him design a game with his sensibilities after all.
  6. I think we should have only very little influence. I want a game designed by Tim Schafer, not a game designed by random forum guys who couldn't design a game to save their lives.
  7. Way too early to say, we don't even know what the story and theme are at this point. Abstain.
  8. Pretty sure Tim has said they're probably using off-the-shelf software, so I doubt they'll be making their own reusable Scumm-like platform.
  9. I don't want this game to just be a recycled Monkey Island. Let Tim come up with NEW hilarious things.
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