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  1. Thank you so much for the explanation. I like the idea of integer values and the additional line of pixel on bottom and right side. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for this, Oliver! Maybe this is a stupid noob question but... Don't you get flicker lines where the different chucks of the background meet when you pan or scroll them? How do you fix this? I'm reading a book called "Learn Cocos2d 2 - Game Development for iOS" and there's a chapter where you learn to make an infinite scroll effect. The book explains the flicker as: "This line appears because of rounding errors in their positions in combination with subpixel rendering." And it's fixed overlapping the images by one pixel, but I imaging this creates another artifact because you will see where the images merge. Could you explain something about this, if this doesn't take too much of your time? Thanks again, and sorry if it's a stupid question again
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