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  1. OK, starting off (and sucking up just a little), LOVED the game and holy wow, the ending... I do agree with the general opinion that it was too short, too easy, etc, but that's all been said before and I don't think it's true to the degree that it'd ruin the experience that is BA. I'm normally one to simply lurk in the background and mutter my opinions under my breath, but in this case I felt the need to comment. Probably my biggest annoyance was that, a lot of the time, you found yourself in a situation where you were presented with a puzzle, only to find the solution sitting, (often) glaringly obvious, already in your inventory. This is especially true with the scant number of inventory items in the game (don't directly have a problem with few items, except in cases where it makes things too obvious). An example of this would be in finding the use for the hipster lumberjack's strange piece of "art"... Perhaps it's just something years of adventure games have taught me, but I had already verbally wrestled the art away from Curtis, before reaching the temple, or even knowing why I may have wanted it. Then, when presented with images of a strange symbol and a possible keyhole in the same shape, it was a simple case of "open inventory, oh look, strange symbol shaped art; strange art, meet strange indentation", and what could have been a mind-bender of a puzzle was over. That really got to me, because the puzzle could have been (and could still be? huh? huh?) hugely improved simply by not allowing me the opportunity to take the art before going through the temple. If that were the case, you would have to REALLY think about the symbol, backtrack, talk to people again, and then make the connection, and get the art. Similar situations just repeated themselves too many times in the game... I just want to be able to figure out that I even need an axe, before the game throws an axe at me, or a peach, or a knife. Surely some minor scripting changes would answer my desire?