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  1. Oh hey, yeah! Awesome!
  2. I guess it's fine as long as the ending is "and then they failed and no one ever heard about it."
  3. It's worth watching purely for the practical effects goodness - lots of extra cool puppetry, scale models etc
  4. I loooove LSOH. Did you get to see the original ending in all its remastered glory?
  5. hot by name...
  6. Apart from skimming through that gameplay video where it seems to take control away from you every thirty seconds, no. I know less about the story of this one than I do the first.
  7. Ah, well you didn't mention that!
  8. Thanks for the reply! That doesn't sound that silly to me, honestly!
  9. I want a kiss and a pic of you kissing me.
  10. What did the first game do in this regard? I don't know much about its story except the dude is or whatever and I guess it has in it. (I'm happy to have it spoiled for me btw, but perhaps might need tags for others.)
  11. And would you be Adam Molnar of Neurable, by any chance?
  12. I also watched the despecialized editions on your recommendation! (In fact, I think I posted asking for advice on how to actually find the damn things - the fan-edit community has essentially walled itself in from newcomers now, which is a real shame. Thankfully I found a torrent.)
  13. Hope you don't mind Polecat, but I'm going to post the video here to save other people having to hunt it down! Incidentally, there was another fan FT movie that made the rounds about ten years ago (I didn't like it): https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2009/01/07/full-throttle-goes-cinematic/
  14. Huh, really? Maybe Spaff is taking the American point of view, where it's seen as less strong than in Britain. It's fine by me, wherever the admins draw the line is fine by me, I just assumed that would be strong enough to be censored! Crap Damn %#$@&! Arse Ass Bum Willy Poop %#$@&! Fart