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  1. I love the scene because putting on that sheet and then the glasses over it is such a goofy-ass thing for Michael to do. It's a nice choice here because it reflects the remix as also being a weird alternate version of something (and one could read humility into the choice of the more frivolous version too).
  2. I love the choice of image there. Man, I so badly want a sequel to Quake 1 with these two doing a DOOM-style adaptive score.
  3. AND MY AXE wait what are we doing?
  4. For anyone interested: http://www.oregonlive.com/tv/2017/10/bruce_campbell_on_his_new_book.html It doesn't sound like he's drawing direct links, h'es just saying he doesn't know if there'll be one and then talking about some possible contributing factors. What's more, high pirating numbers don't necessarily kill a show. The ten most pirated of 2016 are all very successful and unlikely to get cancelled because of it. I'm in the UK and subscribed to Netflix and Amazon but AvED hasn't come on either. I don't think there's a VOD service I could get over here to watch it on, but even if there were I couldn't justify a third sub. I'd like to get it on blu-ray but the prices are ridiculous at the moment. So I'm just waiting for it to budge on one of those two fronts.
  5. Yes, in 2009. Although as far as I can tell they bought the rights from Mirage, Disney wasn't involved (not sure if jenni was implying this or not). The closest Disney ever got to them was having the rights to have people in TMNT costume at their parks.
  6. http://grumpygamer.com/if_i_made_another_monkeyisland It sounds like he'd go pretty retro with it but with voice-acting - similar to Thimbleweed I guess. Plus he's not averse to crowdfunding. So I think if Ron somehow got the IP, and if he wanted to make the game, he wouldn't have a problem getting that done. However, I agree that it's extremely unlikely that Disney would let him have the IP. Ironically, if this poll got huge numbers behind it, it would be evidence of a large fanbase and therefore more motivation for Disney to hold onto the IP. Really the only way I see it happening is if someone young enough to have grown up with the first two games and fanboy enough to want to see Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island 3 at all costs gets to a high enough position of power in Disney that they are able to unilaterally make the decision to give Ron the IP.
  7. Fig Update 5 - First Playable Milestone

    The 'how the goat gets made' section of the update is really interesting. I was already aware of the basics, probably from previous DF vids and updates - concept art is fleshed out and commented on until it's finalised - but it's always really cool to see the stages and fascinating to read what tiny adjustments are advised at each one.
  8. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    WHERE ARE ALL THE UPDA- oh there's one. Very exciting video, the game looks great so far!
  9. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    As flesk said in the other post: "attach an image to your post by clicking the "choose files..." link at the bottom of the text area where you write." Or you can upload it to a site like imgur and just post a link to it here.
  10. I'll take the lack of response to be dumbstruck awe and appreciation.
  11. This is the closest I could find: https://www.redbubble.com/people/vpdesign/works/21571992-ricktions-in-time-and-space?body_color=brown&p=classic-tee&print_location=front&size=medium
  12. Well, I read in an interview (or heard in the commentary?) around 2003/4 that they had the final scene for Dawn written already. Assuming that they'd go with the Hollywood setting that Knights sets up, I made my own pitch for the last scene:
  13. Has there been any new announcements on Shanghai Dawn? The latest I can find is from June where Wilson just says it's being talked about. I know Jared Hess was reported a year ago as onboard to direct, but there doesn't seem to be much movement. Frankly, as a big fan of the first two films, I'm a bit worried about this one - the original screenwriters doing story only and the replacement writers not having a single imdb credit, a non-action director and a much older Jackie Chan who, judging by Rush Hour 3, may not be doing fight sequences or stunts himself. At this point I'd probably be relieved if it didn't get made, even though at one point I was so eager for it I managed to contact one of the writers and pitch them an ending!
  14. I know, that was directed at the topic of conversation.
  15. Link There's also a pinned topic with the link now. As it says, you'll need a Discord account and 10 minutes of patience to join.