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  1. I hadn't heard (or was only vaguely aware) of the spider-verse thing before, but it sounds cool. Reminds me of Turtles Forever (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtles_Forever) and World's Funnest (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman_and_Batman:_World%27s_Funnest). Cool trailer too. Good news about Jessica Jones - the first season was the only Netflix show I really liked all the way through.
  2. Oooh, this is that manga thing James Cameron has been trying to get made for years! On paper I'm hyped (Cameron and Rodriguez do a big sci-fi thing!) but that trailer didn't sell me and Rodriguez hasn't done anything good since Planet Terror ten years ago.
  3. Because it's just an arbitrary date that hasn't been drilled into your head your whole life like 25th December or whatever.
  4. Brutal Legend Discord.

    Sorry, it's "Double Fine Action Forums"! I'm not sure that name is used anywhere other than the tab name now... I'm referring to the Discord for these forums, anyway:
  5. Brutal Legend Discord.

    Hey Jake, it's fine to link to your Discord here! By the way, if you're interested in merging it with the DFAF one, we're happy to talk about it (but no pressure of course!).
  6. I hid your post because it was in response to a now-deleted spam message. If I had left your message there, a four year old thread would have been bumped for no reason. Please don't reply to spam posts, because we will delete them and your reply will thereby fall under the "stupid junk" forum guideline. As Bidiot has decided to necro this thread anyway, I've unhidden your post on this occasion.
  7. Yeah, along with being slow and meandering, the fights were a big problem for the show. I appreciate that they're meant to show Danny flowing through them, all "internal energy", but it does mean that they lack any weight and the direction doesn't manage to compensate for it a lot of the time. A show I've been really impressed by the fights in is Into The Badlands. They obviously put a lot of budget into having enough time to shoot the fights properly. The Blade rights have been back with Marvel since 2012, apparently, so they certainly could bring him back. I wonder if they're holding off because they feel the Snipes version is still too firm in the public consciousness, or if the vampire stuff doesn't fit in to their MCU. (I wonder also if they will ever do a standalone hero movie now that isn't planned to tie it into their larger plotline at some point?)
  8. Today I get to go round my flat adjusting all the clocks by an hour.
  9. Android Version Anyway?

    I'll quote Spaff from elsewhere:
  10. I love the scene because putting on that sheet and then the glasses over it is such a goofy-ass thing for Michael to do. It's a nice choice here because it reflects the remix as also being a weird alternate version of something (and one could read humility into the choice of the more frivolous version too).
  11. I love the choice of image there. Man, I so badly want a sequel to Quake 1 with these two doing a DOOM-style adaptive score.
  12. AND MY AXE wait what are we doing?
  13. For anyone interested: http://www.oregonlive.com/tv/2017/10/bruce_campbell_on_his_new_book.html It doesn't sound like he's drawing direct links, h'es just saying he doesn't know if there'll be one and then talking about some possible contributing factors. What's more, high pirating numbers don't necessarily kill a show. The ten most pirated of 2016 are all very successful and unlikely to get cancelled because of it. I'm in the UK and subscribed to Netflix and Amazon but AvED hasn't come on either. I don't think there's a VOD service I could get over here to watch it on, but even if there were I couldn't justify a third sub. I'd like to get it on blu-ray but the prices are ridiculous at the moment. So I'm just waiting for it to budge on one of those two fronts.
  14. Yes, in 2009. Although as far as I can tell they bought the rights from Mirage, Disney wasn't involved (not sure if jenni was implying this or not). The closest Disney ever got to them was having the rights to have people in TMNT costume at their parks.