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  1. Texture flickering on PS4?

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com? (If you included the vid link it would probably be useful.)
  2. OSX Start Problem

    Excellent! Thanks for coming back to update the thread
  3. Bug: Mine Road Skipping Plank Weapon

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  4. Old Grim Fandango mystery toy?

    The first of those two images isn't working for me. The second one is, but I don't know the answer, I'm afraid!
  5. OSX Start Problem

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  6. Probably worth emailing support@doublefine.com and letting them know the details, there might be some quick fix they can implement.
  7. Where did you call that?
  8. The klimt-style painting in Manny's casino

    Oh yeah, I bet that's it. You can see some of it here too:
  9. Nutcracker: I'm glad Disney aren't just remaking another one of their old films, but this looks very much in the Alice/Beauty & Beast vein that doesn't interest me that much. Oceans 8: I don't have any feelings about the Oceans franchise one way or the other. Judging this as its own thing, it doesn't seem particularly funny, cool or interesting. Mortal Engines: Looks like it could be pretty fun. If Jackson et al can curb their worst impulses and make something more like The Frighteners, I'll be very happy.
  10. I thought it was terrible. Sooo boring.
  11. Well, he's already in the X-Men universe, so unless they reboot that before adding it in, he will be part of the MCU. I think they'd have to be very careful not to compromise the character, but it would be possible. Basically follow the pattern of the first movie - 4th wall breaking, NC17 rating or whatever it was, and staying on the periphery, only interacting with small characters like Colossus and keeping away from the arc plots.
  12. I hadn't heard (or was only vaguely aware) of the spider-verse thing before, but it sounds cool. Reminds me of Turtles Forever (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtles_Forever) and World's Funnest (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman_and_Batman:_World%27s_Funnest). Cool trailer too. Good news about Jessica Jones - the first season was the only Netflix show I really liked all the way through.
  13. Oooh, this is that manga thing James Cameron has been trying to get made for years! On paper I'm hyped (Cameron and Rodriguez do a big sci-fi thing!) but that trailer didn't sell me and Rodriguez hasn't done anything good since Planet Terror ten years ago.
  14. Because it's just an arbitrary date that hasn't been drilled into your head your whole life like 25th December or whatever.
  15. Brutal Legend Discord.

    Sorry, it's "Double Fine Action Forums"! I'm not sure that name is used anywhere other than the tab name now... I'm referring to the Discord for these forums, anyway: