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  1. Your initial rant didn't mention your concerns over mixed signals or lack of clarity. But to briefly respond, I think your concerns are unfounded: I don't think "Element A was good, element B was bad" is unclear or giving mixed signals; it's balanced feedback. I don't think people here in general pull their punches - there is plenty of unfiltered negative criticism to be found on the forums. There are already plenty of areas of the internet where gamers view devs as emotionless robots or punching-bags that they can thoughtlessly shout blunt criticism or insults at, I don't think these forums need to join them.
  2. That's coming on really nicely! Would be cool (if unscientific) if you can get everything bobbing!
  3. Maybe that's a layering issue or something (I don't know tech stuff) that could be patched pretty easily..?
  4. Not sure why it's showing up, but I've seen it before (on the internet, not in-game). This site notes it as an easter egg, saying "The following background is not one of the backgrounds of the game, but can be found in the game's resource file using SCUMM Revisited."
  5. Is it just me, or are there a couple of other things missing in that shot - the loose plane tyre on the road and a piece of plane to the top right of the flame trail?
  6. Reminds me of this: (note Tim bottom left!)
  7. Not that I can actually find much evidence of that practice in this thread, but what you call "overly sensitive" I would characterise as "polite and cognisant that they are dealing with human beings". I really enjoy the level of friendly interaction between DF and the community, and I don't think what we need is for everyone to make an effort to be less genial and supportive. Besides which, including positive and negative aspects is a pretty standard form of providing feedback. Let's also bear in mind that these wonderful videos are free.
  8. The image of the last twenty or so all rushing up that final spiral is really cool - like a Mad Mad Mad World type caper! Will there be the option to get a bird's eye replay of the match, perhaps sped up? Feels like it would have the same satisfying vibe as Super Meat Boy replaying all your attempts simultaneously.
  9. I like the bird one the best, though they're all cool. It has a lot of character and recalls the main 'species' while being easily differentiated.
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Wait a minute, isn't Marshall University where Indiana Jones teaches?!
  12. Hello everyone!
  13. And for sake of completion, here's Day 0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSp81hah0to
  14. Also, judging from the concept drawing of the spaceship, I don't think you've modeled interplanetary travel accurately.