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  1. Psychonauts 2 // Official Trailer

    Great trailer, very exciting!
  2. Problems with the water shader

    Hi www2, have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com ?
  3. Audio issues on Android

    Hi emiduran. Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  4. Possible Pharaoh glitch - Stuck in game

    Hi, have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com ?
  5. Ah, I remember that first free Nick Bounty game ("A Case Of The Crabs") getting some buzz when it came out.
  6. Cool, thanks. Might check out the first ep at least...
  7. I just rewatched Hardcore Henry - a 100% first-person action movie. It really leans into the video game feel, has a variety of impressive stunts, parkour and action sequences, and is smart enough to keep the story interesting through variety, a short runtime and an amazing performance by Sharlto Copley. (This does also include a tendency to revel in the violence (and a little bit of nudity), but nothing too extreme.)
  8. I've now got access to Runaways, and I loved the original run, but I heard the show was pretty terrible. Worth a shot? Sony's new animated Spider-Man movie looks pretty sweet (warning, this trailer spoils a ton of character reveals):
  9. Season 5 has come out and I'm still very much enjoying this show. Great mix of goofy visual gags, dark humour and pathos. Better Call Saul continues to be a surprisingly good prequel spin-off show. I gave up on Steven Universe - I only had access to the first 30 episodes and apparently it takes until around ep 50 (!) to properly get good.
  10. Are the typhoons drowning the Iron Brigade servers?

    Hi, have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  11. Telekinesis Training Glitch

    Thanks for coming back and posting the solution! If you email it to support@doublefine.com it may go on a list for future patches...
  12. Thanks for livening it up.
  13. Black screen upon loading of game on One X

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  14. An interview about GNOG's dev process