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  1. Wow, he just keeps on getting more clean-cut and hunky.
  2. And the camera move, @matthansen, the camera move!
  3. This might not quite be the correct thread for this, but it feels too minor for the wishlist thread. I just watched that mini making of, and one thing I hope the team gets time to do is differentiate the bikers on that one long tracking shot where the camera weaves through them from behind, before doing a 180 and framing Ben for the title shot. It seems like a wasted opportunity to keep them as clones as in the original. And speaking of that camera move, I really hope they replicate it as it sweeps past the limousine, gets low to the road and then slows/pulls back slightly as it crosses to the left lane before speeding up again. I always loved that, it showed such attention to detail and gave it a real biker movie feel, like there was some guy hanging out a vehicle with a camera having to get these shots.
  4. I took this to mean he's performing at least some aspects on live instruments, is that right?
  5. If it helps, we never (afaik) got the horizontal Full Throttle box - I've been confused by any mentions of it and that photo is the first time I've seen it!
  6. Are you saying that the demo has playable content not in the main game?
  7. Ahh, I see what you mean. You mean anything that's not 'in-engine', basically? I tend to bundle it all together under the umbrella term 'cutscene' in my head
  8. I made a small game in @Cheeseness's 3D text adventure engine, Icicle! https://timegentleman.itch.io/baboo You use mouse controls to look around a text-portrayed 3D space. The game itself is pretty short and almost entirely constructed of Idle Thumbs in-jokes, made as it was for their latest Jam along with Icicle's first, but it's worth a play just to try out the fun engine.
  9. What do you mean by "redrawn the videos", you mean the cutscenes?
  10. My one nitpick is that, iirc, that sign to the right of the Kickstand exterior should read Proto-Cola. Perhaps this has been changed for legal reasons? EDIT: with a quick check it seems that I was always just assuming it was another Proto-Cola sign to match the one in the Destruction Derby, due to the colour scheme and design (unless there's a wide shot of it that I can't find at the moment).
  11. Dan got an answer from Tim on this:
  12. The cop airship thingies have their lights on! I guess Ben is trying to avoid getting spotted...
  13. How kind of you to suggest me, TP!
  14. That article reads to me as her not being real is at least an equal reason and perhaps the main one.
  15. This is amazing, I really hope this term catches on somehow!