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  1. If the pursued is clearly not interested, then the pursuer comes off as a creepy stalker/PUA. It seems to me that extravagant romantic gestures fit best when the characters are already at least somewhat in a relationship.
  2. Dammit, sorry, I thought there was a more general nitpicker thread but I couldn't find it... (Looking again, it's right there! How annoying!)
  3. I'm going to commandeer this thread for general nitpicks, as I just noticed something: The globes in Future Purple Tentacle's room have been changed to holograms in the Remastered graphics. However, this clashes with a line of Laverne's where she wonders how they float in the air like that.
  4. Has he actually done it? I saw someone saying that he can't actually just put this through himself, and this seems like his usual habit of tweeting inflammatory ideas that he has no intention or ability to actually go through with, to distract from stuff like the whole Russia thing. I don't have a strong understanding of US politics, so I don't know how accurate this is...
  5. I'm surprised you didn't list him as one your hooks, then, as you're a big Nightmare fan!
  6. "from cinematic game-changer Seven Spielberg": I really hope this is tied into the tone of the movie and not something that all movie promotion is going to start doing. It was bad enough when they referred to Zack Synder as a "visionary.director".
  7. Firstly, I just want to clarify a couple of things: 1) I was referring to the original tweet by Philmo as silly. 2) I didn't say 'the studio' allowed it because it's progressive, I said I thought the decision was likely motivated by creative reasons - to try something new. I don't know exactly how the process goes at the BBC with regards to this stuff, but I'd imagine the new show-runner pitched the idea because he thought it was an interesting thing to do with the show, and the BBC higher-ups okayed it due to a mix of the same and , yes absolutely, thinking it would be good for ratings. They most likely would have okayed the idea of another male Doctor, too. It sounds like your main issue with Joe's tweet is actually that it is "looking down on anybody who has a different opinion about the change". and that it was "anything but cordial". I disagree with both those readings of it, but again this all goes back to my point that it's dangerous to read too much into a tweet.
  8. You (and a few other sites) got taken in by a joke article there: https://cynicnomore.com/2016/04/13/cartoon-network-to-reboot-johnny-bravo-in-2017/
  9. Firstly, I think you're putting too much burden of meaning on a tweet. That's a bad idea in general (tweets are generally off the cuff, 140 characters, text only,; not a lot of room for nuance and tone), and in this case I think there's at least a bit of flippancy going on in a reply to what's a rather silly tweet. Secondly, there's a question here about the motivation for the change. The original tweet assumes that the change is being done because it's important to challenge gender stereotypes (a sentiment Philmo apparently disagrees with, for some reason - is it not important to challenge all stereotypes?). Is this why it's being done? Will it accomplish this? (Similarly, you ask whether "Doctor Who's male character was something that NEEDED to be changed to a female" - did anyone actually say that?) This assumption, incidentally, is partly why I infer some flippancy in Joe's tweet. How would you define "the spirit of this development"? It seems to me that they've got a character who can change appearance, age, and regional accent and they've decided that after 12 male incarnations (not even counting the Peter Cushing and John Hurt ones) it would be interesting for the character to change gender (and as mentioned, they were already discussing it after 6 incarnations). I don't think they'd change the gender of the lead character in, say, season 6 of Sherlock because it 's important to challenge gender stereotypes, I think they've got an opportunity to do something interesting and they're taking it.
  10. Cool Games that are Coming Out

    Behold The Kickmen has just been released on Steam, for $3.99/ £2.79 (10% discount at launch though). It's a single-player football/soccer game for the PC and Mac (Linux is apparently less likely after a few tests) made by someone who neither understands nor likes football/soccer. It also has a story element with art by Michael Firman, and a Dystopian FutureSport Mode that puts a Speedball-style wallpaper over everything, for people who hate football/soccer. http://www.sizefivegames.com/category/behold-the-kickmen/ It's good fun! (Note 1: I am best mates with Dan, the developer.) (Note 2: Although people assume so because of the Dan and Ben games, I am not a Size Five Games permanent employee. I was not involved in the making of this game!)
  11. Brilliant news! I did not expect them to ever go ahead with this!
  12. Monkey Island Special Edition Serie

    Double Fine weren't involved in the Monkey Island special editions, so I doubt they have the ability or motivation to make this happen.
  13. That's a risk of dog-watching, you totally did sign up for it! I don't think you would be justified in asking for extra; whether she would pay you it if asked, I don't know...