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  1. Spaff has said on the Discord: "64 bit games! I need to write a blog about this, argh. Yeah we are working out what when how etc for those. Some will be saved, As many as possible. Some of the games are ancient and on technology that is hard to work with, and we are low on people as everyone is cranking on Psychonauts. But we are working on it!"
  2. As Spaff recently announced, these forums will soon become a read only archive and will remain that way until they become needed again. Let's share some happy memories of these forums! I have a few that spring to mind: the Broken Age board where we all took part in a historical game industry moment; the DF Game Club, where we all live-chatted in playthrough streams of a bunch of favourite games, often with the creators present (the best ones were of course the two games I worked on!); and the thread that started as a counterpoint to a particularly negative thread, but turned into an interactive text adventure. Thanks to all the DF staff, moderators and community members who made this such a friendly, engaging place to be <3 The Double Fine Discord is now the place to be, and it's getting ever busier, so I hope you all join us there! www.discord.gg/doublefine
  3. There's a video of it happening here: https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/9u1r0j/grim_fandango_petrified_forest_glitch/
  4. There's a lot of discussion between new players discovering stuff on the DF Discord!
  5. Apparently the legal rights are a big mess: https://www.pcinvasion.com/looms-tangled-legal-rights-may-prevent-a-sequel-or-remaster/ Perhaps now Double Fine have Microsoft's backing they could cut through the Gordian knot..? In the meantime, let's dream about what might be, with the help of this interview with Brian Moriarty on how he'd remaster it: https://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/brian-moriarty/
  6. It hasn't gone live yet, but should be up soon. (NB - if you would like to have a CIVIL discussion about the Epic Games Store, please start a new thread in the Universe Outside Double Fine board. Any posts related to that in this thread will be deleted.)
  7. Good luck with everything Cheese, and thanks for all the amazing work you've done with the community. Hope to see you here and on the Discord every now and again!
  8. Thanks! Well, in that case, allow me to plug some creative work of my own: The latest Dan And Ben game: Lair Of The Clockwork God. Pleeeease wishlist it on Steam if you have a sec, it really helps! Announcement trailer:
  9. Great to see this is still continuing in production from its humble Wizard Jam beginnings!
  10. Hi Doc, sounds like the game is working as intended and your tv is simply more widescreen than the game. It's not a 3D game so it can't simply change FOV or whatever to fit any screen. I believe DF did try to make sure that nothing important would be missed out if it was cropped for the more widescreen devices, though. Basically, it's like playing a 90s game or a 30s movie on a modern telly - pillarboxing is inevitable. I know this bugs some people but personally I don't see the issue - those black bars are no more distracting than the tv's bevel or the outside world surrounding it. I'd much rather have the full amount of visual information than have it cropped to fit my screen - it's like buying the Mona Lisa then cutting a few inches off the top and bottom because it doesn't fit the frame I bought from B & M.
  11. Ohhh those are gorgeous. Love the black velvet designs!
  12. Hi CQGamer, have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  13. Ah, great, I look forward to seeing loads more cool stuff, then! Loving Sanic, btw.
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