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  1. testing: shiP EDIT: changed t to P now, but I originally just typed in the swearword there @Bidiot Bales and it posted with no censorship. I've also seen at least one other person post that swearword without getting censored, so I think the filter is broken at least for that word.
  2. Yeah, although the section on Be Not Profane doesn't mention it explicitly, I think there's a no swearing rule. There at least used to be swear filters on here, but they may have got lost in the upgrade. @Spaff? Mods?
  3. There's a Guidelines link up in the top left just above "Home": https://forums.doublefine.com/guidelines/
  4. I would say yes.
  5. So what were these story ideas of yours, then, @Alcoremortis? Ooh, and some of the silly rebuttals while you're at it!
  6. I enjoyed your game, Bidiot - I'd like to play the full version if it happens!
  7. You have chosen... wisely.
  8. Yeah, sorry BK, I was responding to you. The sequel is a cheapo cash-in. I remember the third being interesting at least, though still not great. The tv series is inexplicably ponderous.
  9. Don't get your hopes up about the other movies or the tv series!
  10. Spoiler tags don't really help if you don't signal what it is being spoiled... (it's probably too late, but for anyone else, Noname's spoiler was regarding Split.)
  11. Uh, I'd also like to express my fondness for that particular game and documentary. Thanks DF and 2PP! @Sean Lane, did you manage to avoid any spoilers (outside of those you saw in the doc) while waiting so long?
  12. I read somewhere that the jump-around opening was added by the Gilroy brothers...
  13. Wow, he just keeps on getting more clean-cut and hunky.
  14. And the camera move, @matthansen, the camera move!