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  1. Ah, the Prince Charles is great! I'm a lifetime member, although I no longer live in London. They do some great events, like X-Men marathons, Aliens/Predator or Robocop/Terminator double-bills and lots of Q&As.
  2. They could call it the Liefeld.
  3. Courtesy of @hot: [updated link below courtesy of EMarley]
  4. I think I saw somewhere that DC(?) threatened to sue Universal over the "Dark Universe" name, so they may just rename it. I agree, though, it's a stupid name; good taste should sue them both to drop it.
  5. shutupandtakemymoney.jpg
  6. Well yeah, I imagine Mickey would be a lot less anime about it all.
  7. Ha, I didn't realise it had FF characters in it but, again, not exciting to me personally. Re. Animaniacs, I feel like, if anything, cartoons in general are a bit more sophisticated than back in the mid-nineties. There's always the chance that it'll be rubbish, of course, but I wouldn't expect that based purely on the state of the medium or its audience today.
  8. I really don't know anything about the games, so I don't have anything against Sora specifically; it's just the inclusion of what seem like generic anime types makes me less interested in the franchise. I'd be a lot more excited to see Mickey as the lead, retaining his basic character but re-imagined as a Joseph Campbell-style unlikely hero in a huge fantasy world.
  9. Taking into account the fact that most pop culture journos don't know what 'reboot' means and so it's likely this is simply going to be "more Animaniacs episodes", I don't see the problem. Moving from WB to Disney, I just saw the Kingdom Hearts III trailer in the E3 thread and it struck me that I'd be a lot more interested in that franchise if it was just a Disney Animation shared universe thing and didn't have a ton of anime peeps chucked in. Makes so much more sense to have Mickey be the lead!
  10. Oh, okay. I assumed when you said you were talking about the article and therefore the movies.
  11. So you think the DC films embraced and embodied the iconic characters of Batman and Superman more successfully than they did Wonder Woman? (I haven't seen Wonder Woman so I can't compare.)
  12. Reid called it! The Day After:
  13. It's talking specifically about the DC films, they just accidentally forget the E in DCEU a couple of times. http://screenrant.com/why-wonder-woman-dc-greatest-best-hero/
  14. And in so doing thou dost render Bookdust a foule Necro-Poster.
  15. With the news, only months after the final film was released, that the film franchise is getting rebooted, I decided to watch all six films over a few days. Here are my brief notes (tl;dr 3 and 4 are quite good, the rest are rubbish):