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  1. Psychonauts 2 // Official Trailer

    Great trailer, very exciting!
  2. Problems with the water shader

    Hi www2, have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com ?
  3. Audio issues on Android

    Hi emiduran. Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  4. Possible Pharaoh glitch - Stuck in game

    Hi, have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com ?
  5. Ah, I remember that first free Nick Bounty game ("A Case Of The Crabs") getting some buzz when it came out.
  6. Cool, thanks. Might check out the first ep at least...
  7. I just rewatched Hardcore Henry - a 100% first-person action movie. It really leans into the video game feel, has a variety of impressive stunts, parkour and action sequences, and is smart enough to keep the story interesting through variety, a short runtime and an amazing performance by Sharlto Copley. (This does also include a tendency to revel in the violence (and a little bit of nudity), but nothing too extreme.)
  8. I've now got access to Runaways, and I loved the original run, but I heard the show was pretty terrible. Worth a shot? Sony's new animated Spider-Man movie looks pretty sweet (warning, this trailer spoils a ton of character reveals):
  9. Season 5 has come out and I'm still very much enjoying this show. Great mix of goofy visual gags, dark humour and pathos. Better Call Saul continues to be a surprisingly good prequel spin-off show. I gave up on Steven Universe - I only had access to the first 30 episodes and apparently it takes until around ep 50 (!) to properly get good.
  10. Are the typhoons drowning the Iron Brigade servers?

    Hi, have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  11. Telekinesis Training Glitch

    Thanks for coming back and posting the solution! If you email it to support@doublefine.com it may go on a list for future patches...
  12. Thanks for livening it up.
  13. Black screen upon loading of game on One X

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  14. An interview about GNOG's dev process

  15. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    I just thought to merge the two threads. To celebrate, here's a link that Spaff pointed out to me: http://frederator-studios.frederator.com/post/176785327202/at-todays-costume-quest-cast-crew-screening-we It's about a cast and crew screening, which suggests lots of progress has been made, but it also mentions that we won't get to see the show until 2019 now.
  16. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    As per the existing thread about this above, it's due to come out "in 2018". The official page says it's "based on" the games (which is ambiguous, but I would take to mean it does not slot into the canon of the games, it is an adaptation of them) and has some art of the lead characters. (There's also some more stills and stuff on the Frederator facebook page.)
  17. [Steam] camera control with mouse not working

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  18. Costume Quest Text Speed

    Hi Gooch, might be a good idea to also email support@doublefine.com to see if they have a solution.
  19. (0xc00007b)

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  20. Glitched save screen

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com?
  21. I'm around 8 episodes into Steven Universe and finding it to be a little grating and childish (where shows like Adventure Time or Powerpuff Girls aren't). I'm told that it starts getting good around 20 episodes in, so as they're only 10 mins each and I hear adults rave about it, I'm going to keep going with it.
  22. Into The Badlands, - Just got onto the second season and I'm really enjoying it. It's an AMC show, set in post-apocalyptic America where they've reverted to a variation on late 19th century society, but with more martial arts. It looks great, the acting's all strong and the fight scenes are absolutely fantastic, probably the best of their kind I've ever seen on a tv show. Ash Vs Evil Dead - Overall, I wasn't a fan. It occasionally had some stand-out great sequences, but I didn't like the sub-Supernatural lore-ification, I didn't like what they did with Ash (for some reason he's a racist lech now), I didn't really like any of the supporting characters and it overall just felt quite repetitive and unimaginative. I would have much preferred them to cobble together a few million and make a low-budget Evil Dead 4 that followed up on the original ending to AoD (or that did that alternate universe thing they were planning at one stage which made both endings canon). Terrace House - a reality tv show that avoids all the gross elements of that genre and instead provides a really chill, interesting look at modern Japanese social culture. Takes a while to get into, but once you know the housemates and the commentators, it's engrossing.
  23. Is this you being a purposefully obtuse git again?
  24. Cannot access Save

    Have you tried emailing support@doublefine.com ?