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  1. Can I watch the concept art somewhere else other than the video? Would like to see some pictures, some of them really looked great ^^
  2. I think it is great that they try to expand their range of games. You have to start somewhere. I'm a fan of Disciples, Heroes of Might and Magic, Valkyria Chronicles (first one is an awsome turn based strategy game) and currently I'm waiting for Stoics "The Banner Saga" which sounds in some aspects a litte bit similiar like what they want to do in Massive Chalice if I'm not mistaken. I will wait with backing until they release some more information and updates about the game ^^
  3. I really like the genre and I think I will back this, too ^^ Very funny kickstarter video *g*
  4. The ending of the episode is brilliant! The moment when Tim stands behind the curtain and then you heard the applause... amazing.
  5. What other adventure engine did you consider? A lot of german adventures uses Visionaire Studio, but I'm not sure if it supports mobile platforms. Well, I only have a very old mobile phone and no ipad or whatsoever, so I'm just rooting for the pc version and hope every platform get the attention it needs. ^^
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