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  1. I was inititally skeptical of this game's concept, especially whether it was possible to demonstrate it given the AF's time constraints. The end result was a really pleasant surprise. I can't say I always undestood why a certain item unlocked something, but the whole idea of unlocking "memory parts" was awesome and executed well. I can't help but wonder how a full game of this would look like...
  2. The same thing happened to me. I've dealt with the counter-revolutionaries (or, well, I think so, they've disappeared from the list of targets at least), and some time later I received a call about naming a city... and that's it. I kept sending out random propaganda messages for days and absolutely nothing happened. The game really needs a "pass the time without doing anything" option, by the way. Otherwise, though, I liked Dear Leader quite a bit. The art style was great, the characters were awesome, the story was enjoyable. With a bit more depth and options it could make a terrific full game, I think.
  3. First of all, I had fun playing the prototype. Nonetheless, this wasn't really what I've been expecting. To be completely honest, from the pitch I voted on ("storybook landscape"), I wouldn't have guessed that this is going to be in 3D, but that's not really a complaint, as it has been done rather well - more of a surprise. What I missed more, however, was the so-called "charming Double Fine take on a classic partnership". It's not that it was completely absent, but most of the gameplay was spent playing a 3D brawler. A well-made 3D brawler with very nice and realistic horse animations - but is that really the core of Steed's concept? I feel that during the limited time given to them in AF, the creators got lost in certain details and forgot to actually showcase that which makes Steed such a great game idea. Still, have to give credit where credit is due, what's actually been done has been done quite well, and made for pretty fun experience. It in fact says something about the game's potential that Steed could be so much more than this.
  4. Because people are concerned, that's why. Do believe me, I would also gladly enjoy witnessing some of those more positive aspects of game development you mentioned, and I enjoyed what I've read/watched about it so far during the past year. But the time has come when neither us nor the devs can ignore the budgetary problems anymore, as it threatens the completion of the game itself; this update made that very clear.
  5. I want to believe that too, but it certainly wouldn't hurt if someone from DF made a post about how much money they are expecting to make with the pre-release sales. Or better yet, clue us in on how the game currently stands budget-wise exactly. I know this isn't public information usually, but this being a Kickstarter project where we actually funded (much of) the game, I don't think it's an unfair request, and it would help a whole lot to clear things up. There seems to be much confusion about how much money has been spent already, and how much they still need, even when it comes to questions that have been already answered. A clear, concise rundown would be tremendously helpful.
  6. I have no choice but to join the others in saying that Black Lake was a truly pleasant surprise for me and was a magnificent experience to play through. I'll admit I did not vote for it based on the pitch, since I saw a whole lot of art but did not get a very good idea about the gameplay. But man, did it come together. Watching the pitch again, I now clearly understand what you've been referring to. The best thing about Black Lake, which sets it apart from all the other prototypes with the possible exception of Autonomous, is its atmosphere. Nearly everything fits, so well in fact that it's crazy, especially considering you guys had only two weeks to make it. The Black Lake forest theme may only be less than a minute long, but it is the most awesome piece of music in the entire AF soundtrack. It does an incredible job with setting the mood. But there's more to the atmosphere than that: the trees, the branches, the stones, the enemies, the protagonist, everything has an incredible level of polish to it. Perhaps Black Lake is the game which looks the least "prototype-ish" of the five, and by least, I mean "not at all". It's like a demo level to an actual game you could buy at the DF store. I loved the controls too. Been playing it with a mouse and a keyboard, and found this "sparkle-chasing control scheme" very intuitive, and quite usable for sneaking around at just the pace I wanted. Flipping the more widely employed method on its head ("click-to-stop-and-look-around" instead of "click-to-move") also conveyed a sense of always being in motion, which I found fitting - after all, the protagonist is in the middle of a dark forest with dangers around, so staying too long in one spot would be unwise. If I could offer one piece of criticism, it's the lamp. To be honest, after a while I only used it for flavor, to "confirm" the tracks I've found, since there seemed to be little else I could use it for. Also, while the lighting of the "dark version" of the forest was awesome, when the lamp was on, the lighting became a bit strange, it felt as if the sun came up all of a sudden. But since I kept the lamp off most of the time, this luckily didn't affect my playing experience much, if at all. All in all, a huge thank you to Levi and the team for turning my initial skepticism around, and giving me the chance to experience Black Lake. Should the possibility arise, I'll be definitely coming back for more. EDIT: After seeing some screenshots, maybe the lamp lighting strangeness is actually a bug specific to my graphics card. Hmm...
  7. From what I've seen, they've programmed the robots to shoot everything that moves. If you set them to only attack those who deal damage to them for instance (and beef up their health a bit), they will leave you alone and can protect you from other robots.
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