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  1. I'm excited about the final release dates! As long as the vision of this game is fully meet, so be it. I'm going to play this on my Ipad, so having it being a 2-part series is not a really a big deal. Other games have done it before. January 2014 will be much anticipated! I love you Double Fine! Smooch, & bear-hug crush to you all!
  2. "Destiny's Adventure" has a ring to it. Love to keep "adventure" in the title because that's what we've all come to know this game from the very beginning.
  3. Very cool episode! Please tell me that the octopus wasn't trashed! Didn't see it on the wall afterwards.
  4. Hey Ritchie.Thai, Around the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9MszVE7aR4
  5. So Tim's idea really hit home for me when he mentions a game about coming of youth. The 1st thing that came to my mind is music. What else mattered more to a kid growing up? Question is...what band(s) do remember best from your childhood? Post it here, & let's see what we come up with. Hey! Ho! Let's go! :coolsmile:
  6. This game does need chinchillas! Great update guys! I like the idea of the 2 worlds. You're on to something good here. Great work! ;-)
  7. From Yonkers, NY but now lives in Washington DC area. :cheese:
  8. I put my son's name down. Thought it'd pretty fricken sweet that he'll be mentioned in a video game.
  9. Hello my fellow backers! My name is TJ. I'm an old school gamer. Fortunately my dad raised me on good video games. Something we both could bond over. I remember playing classic adventure games. The first that I can remember playing was Kings Quest in the 80's. Seems those type of games were my main interest for our home computer system. Of course I played the original Monkey Island when it was released. The sence of humor stood out of this genre. Little did i know then that the fine talents of Mr. Schafer would lead to now Double Fine Studios. Which of course I was a fan since day one. And so here we are now. Let's get this started! :cheese:
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