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  1. Lol, that is an awesome name, thanks for the fairly quick response and apologizes for not noticing for over a year.
  2. Oddly specific question I know but I can't imagine it doesn't have a name and I can't remember it.
  3. Well according to Steamspy; 126,878 owners of the game exist. Obviously the game was also available on GOG. With the conservative estimate of 130,000 purchases at full price the game it puts the money made at $1,950,000 . Minus steam's cut (which last I heard was at least 30%), discounts, sales, various other costs; the game probably made around $1,300,000. This doesn't even touch any money made on the Xbone. This assumes that the Kickstarter covered the whole cost of development (it probably didn't), doesn't take into account marketing, the number of backers in the steam stats (potentially 54,750 copies of the game given higher tiers had two copies; which works out as a "profit" of $790,000) and of course uses a lot of ball-park figures and guesses on my part. So I'm probably miles off the mark but everything points to them making a decent amount of money. Yeah I hope they're happy with the game's performance and that maybe the game would be worth a sequel at some point. But without Brad I doubt there will be, we see from the AFs that there are plenty of good ideas for the next game, and to be brutally honest MC didn't exactly excite many people. edit: And I just realized I didn't notice the US full price was 20.00 ($) rather than the UK price of 15.99 (£) so all those prices are incorrect; whoops, but probably more representational.
  4. Also not everybody is comfortable "buying" a game before it's finished *insert joke about the current state of released AAA games here* let alone after hearing certain stories about DF's handling of funds in previous crowdfunded projects. It wrong to suggest that the majority of people interested in the game will be spending their money on funding the game.
  5. Have you finished all the dialogue yet Tim? ;-)
  6. Sad it's over, sad that Tim feels the need to be a bit more protective over the next projects, but hugely grateful at the extensive look into DF's world. Big thanks to everybody that put up with the media circus and having camera's shoved in your face for three years and of course 2PP for doing the camera shoving
  7. It's possible they didn't like the game as much because it wasn't a straight up third-person shooter. But instead it had RTS elements, er, I mean tower defense elements. But honestly when does MS ever promote anything that isn't Halo, Gears of War or (maybe) Fable and Forza? I would imagine DF have at least thought about doing a sequel. They did buy the rights back after all, and while that was probably just to get to port it to the PC, I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't at least a napkin somewhere with some basic figures on how they could make it happen.
  8. I don't know about y'all, but I am pumped for the Blood Dragon-esque expansion that runs with this. Lee Petty's 80's DLC skin confirmed! Really glad the game is getting good reviews across the board.
  9. Bah; still say we should have hired a bard... But seriously kudos to you guys for sending sweetened snacks.
  10. You should have got the link when the game released to Early Access to the general public. Those that backed at the level to get early access had early-early access if you will. I would double check your Humble Bundle page failing that contact DF. Maybe Spaff is the best person to PM on these message boards? http://www.doublefine.com/forums/member/219/
  11. Finally got around to watching this. Gotta say I never did get the old argument that DF only shipped half the game and where evil for splitting it. It's almost like they didn't realize that you could have just cut the game in half, never told us and said it was the complete job. Maybe, in retrospect, that would have been the smarter thing to do; but thanks for always trying to stay classy and produce your best work under difficult circumstances. Looking forward to playing the finished game, hope you guys got some well deserved rest after all that crunching.
  12. Arr man, the one time I could have actually stayed up and watched it live I must missed my email. Have to say guys I think Massive Chalice has been the most positive experience I've had with crowdfunding a project. Thanks for the show and the finished game, hope it sells! I was planning on waiting for release but now that the game is almost final and you'll shouldn't have to wipe any more saves I'm extremely tempted to play through it again. We'll see how excited I am after watching the archived team-stream.
  13. We will zoom in to discover the pixels are actually photos. Photos of all the backers with webcams Tim has hacked into and taken shots of. Then a message saying "Thanks to all the backers, now buy it again or I'll publish it!" before a fade to black.
  14. Of course the real problem, or rather bottleneck, are the publishers. Mentioning The Cave above for example, published by Sega, they don't want DRM free games (but at least they haven't set up their own service...yet) so probably won't see that unless DF pays them off in 10 years time. Takes time to get them to sign off on new versions, agree fees, payment for the porting and all that jazz. It took, what? Four years to get Brutal Legend over onto the PC? I'm sure this is something DF have and are looking into, they like to have all their games across as many platforms as possible, just gonna take time. But no I wouldn't buy any of the DF games I already own with updated graphics. A HD version of Costume Quest doesn't sound that appealing unless they went nuts and made everything hyper realistic: Costume Quest The Gritty Reboot! All the colours desaturated, added gore, a love story between the two leads where neither one is interested in each other until the end and, of course, chest-high-walls. I would totally buy that!
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