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  1. I see how you mean Overwriting could be bad. Hadn't considered multiple mods wanting the same files. It would still be fine so long as the overwriting mod was loaded first though... because then the other mods would inject their code into my new version of the files... so for massive overhauls that should be loaded first anyways (like story/flow changes etc.) it would be a viable option.
  2. I made a test you can try out: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=563139541 (inspired by "Magic Lamp Old Value Reader") All it does is modify the Lamp to show the old value. local oldValue = DFHack.walkPath(self.entity.state, activePath) speakHalcyonLine("Ah, so Ida has found a location for you... " .. activePath .. " (old value " .. oldValue .. " )") I accomplished this by unluac'ing HalcyonLampItem.lua adding one line and modifying a second line, compiling and including the modified file in the mod folder and then putting the following lines in Patch.lua loading.prompt("Loading Alternate: HalcyonLampItem.luac") local file1 = modfiles.load("HalcyonLampItem.luac") assets.overwrite("Data/Content/Game/Global/Items/HalcyonLampItem.lua", file1) loading.prompt("Loading Complete") and that's it.
  3. Guys! I am so excited! I haven't seen this stuff anywhere I've looked and none of the Mods I've cracked open have used this method... it's so much easier than you think. Step -1: Install Lua For Windows from https://github.com/rjpcomputing/luaforwindows Step 0: Install unluac from http://sourceforge.net/projects/unluac/ Step 1: unluac game content lua (example "Data/Content/Game/Global/Gui/InventoryGui.lua") Step 2: edit resulting code in SciTE (provided as part of Lua For Windows) Step 3: compile edited code from SciTE (Tools>Compile) Step 4: add a modfiles.load and assets.overwrite to your Patch.lua to replace the original lua with your updated luac file example local file = modfiles.load("InventoryGui.luac") assets.overwrite("Data/Content/Game/Global/Gui/InventoryGui.lua", file) That's it. Am I really the first person to figure this out?
  4. This is the Empty chest... the label is "TreasureChest (charge puzzle)" which made me wonder if maybe I needed a turtle to charge it to get the right item out of it maybe... but I don't seem to have a SpikeyTurtle to interact with it... it's possible I edited their object to kill itself or that they don't spawn once you've cleared the swamp corruption... actually... probably that last thing I'll try it next try. edit: Yeah, no SpikeyTurtles was fixed buy putting the corruption back... still no idea on how to make the chest not be empty... letting a turtle ram it had no apparent affect before or after opening.
  5. OK, got a fresh brain full of ideas to be applied to the hunt... sounds like brute forcing was a no-go. Sorry... posting from work so I have a lot of questions and not much to constructively contribute. I want to check the Debug and Machine rooms for clues... but I haven't stumbled on a way to hack myself into rooms (I'll figure it out soon enough I'm sure). From the sources it looks like the Machine room has it's own book pedestal... does it function in the same way as that on the DRMRoof? Also... there's that one Empty Treasure chest... anyone figured out a way to "fix" it? I'm wondering what the "better" password on the PortRock in LabRuins is... I hacked collision boxes to get past a second time but now I'm thinking about it I realize that whatever the new password is could be a clue... anybody solve it? (from looking at the code i think it's still checking one character at a time but skipping the eyes-lighting up... which should be reversible.)
  6. Having Beaten the game for the first time I now want to do all the things... what fun/interesting/useful for hacking uses have people found? Name NumWish MaxHealth
  7. That would be cool... I'm still using the cabin concept art as my mobile wallpaper after all these... years?
  8. Sorry... I know you can't use these but they fit so well I had to share once I thought of them: Alchemist / Caberjack - an Alchemist that uses knockback bombs and is more melee focused. Hulk Alchemist / Hunter - an Alchemist that uses heavily damaging precision single tile bombs. Iron Man Caberjack / Hunter - a sneaky Caberjack that can stealth around the map! ! Black Widow Caberjack / Alchemist - a Caberjack that uses flask explosions on the tip of his Caber. Thor Hunter / Alchemist - a Hunter that can shoot flasks with his crossbow. Hawkeye Hunter / Caberjack - a Hunter that's all about getting point blank shots and fighting from close® range than normal. Captain America I'll try again: Alchemist / Caberjack - an Alchemist that uses knockback bombs and is more melee focused. Thunderjack Alchemist / Hunter - an Alchemist that uses heavily damaging precision single tile bombs. Lightningist Caberjack / Hunter - a sneaky Caberjack that can stealth around the map! ! Lumberist Caberjack / Alchemist - a Caberjack that uses flask explosions on the tip of his Caber. Stumper Hunter / Alchemist - a Hunter that can shoot flasks with his crossbow. Missilist Hunter / Caberjack - a Hunter that's all about getting point blank shots and fighting from close® range than normal. Bowjack (I was stretching there, I only really like Thunderjack, Stumper and Bowjack)
  9. Last "official" word, I believe, was Tim mentioning they were finishing up VO recording for part 2 November 6th: @TimOfLegend
  10. I think one thing I've "learned" from the DFA documentary stuff is that, while having the cross platform engine and mechanics worked out is nice, there is no such thing as a "quick easy" point and click adventure game... That said, I do like the idea of DF having their next point and click adventure game come out before the BA engine and toolchain becomes obsolete... but Tim needs a break.
  11. Is funny because I solved that puzzle by accident... I was just like "my head shrunk... I wonder if it would get any smaller!"
  12. Yeah, we've definitely talked about that sort of thing. I'm not sure about framing it in that way, but I can imagine there being a sort of 'friendship bond' status that could exist between two people which would improve their XP if they retire to a keep together I was just thinking off tossing in a few more variables related to "compatibility" relating to sexual preference (same, opposite, either)... maybe that's messier than it needs to be but basically: If a males is attracted to the gender of his mate he would get extra points of "compatibility" when marrying a mate of that gender... if the mate he marries is attracted to males that's twice as many extra points of compatibility... then, you include compatibility in your XP bonus for raising a kid such that you might choose to do a non-procreating pair if their compatibility and personality traits were strong enough to outweigh their lack of genetic offspring.
  13. What if you made happy marriages an XP bonus... and that way you would care about good matches because they would result in happier marriages.
  14. You, sir, lack imagination! We actually know the limbo state they are describing because you hit the same state in Act 1... extrapolating based on their comments it seems like they are relying on information "gained" by one character to be "used" by the other character... that seems like bad "writing"... imagine if you were watching a movie and Joe was depicted shooting a zombie in the knee and it exploding before being overwhelmed by zombies and eaten... and then later a bunch of characters are discussing the fact that Joe had discovered the zombie's weakness... we know this information as the audience but the characters shouldn't. What I'm saying is that I can only assume that they solved the problem by figuring out a way to prevent it from having happened in the first place, like, having a scene where information is shared between the two characters (depending on who get's to the moment first you would have a variation on the puzzle to figure out how to find and communicate the information or figure out how to request the information)... see, wild speculation is easy dude!
  15. Anti-Briefs? (because they make your life less brief) Eternal Starch (because it counters wrinklers... or call them "Wrinkle Resistant Undergarments") Undergarments has a nice ring to it... Anti-Aging Undergarments. Undying Undergarments, Wundergarments (Wunder- as in Wunderbar) Frankly, Time Undies is going to hard to beat.
  16. Big [initial] Little [initial] Lucky [initial] Hair colour as nickname (Red, Blond, Brown, Black etc.) The same as hair-colour but with beards (Red Beard, Blond Beard) Opposites (Giant for short fellows, Blue for Red-heads, Eagle Eye for a near-sighted melee fighter) The Kid The Other (Like you already have a guy called Steve and you get a new guy called Steve so he get's stuck with the nickname "The Other Steve") Animals (Wolverine, Badger, Viper, Asp, Duck, Bull, Mouse, Elephant, Eagle, Shark, Frog, Dog, Wolf, Bear, Moose) Gramps, for a character who has been aged out of fighting fitness before gaining 3 levels.
  17. The engine, much of the planning, reusable art, etc. have all been done. Part 2 should take a lot less time than 1. Yes... but by how much? Maybe it takes half as long and we're looking at late 2014/early 2015... I'm just saying "probably not soon". Also "much of the planning" might be overstating it... in the last video they showed a post-act1-release art-jam... how can you have "much" of a game planned if you don't even have all the writing or concept art yet?
  18. I have no idea but wanted to point out that DFA was successfully funded March 13, 2012 and Act 1 was released January 14, 2014... 653 days. Assuming that Part 2 takes equally as long that would put it at October 29, 2015. Hopefully having the engine and basic story and artistic style and workflow/asset pipeline etc. worked out already will cut this down but just wanted to remind y'all that a game like this takes a LONG time to put together.
  19. I don't see any reason that a kick-starter could not simply stipulate as part of the terms of a backer level that early access was contingent of signing a NDA/media embargo agreement... then if people wanted early access they could back and sign and if they didn't care for early access they could back and not sign... making it clear upfront would ensure that press backers didn't invest expecting a scoop but everyone would be able to play early if they were willing to agree to the terms.
  20. Hi FullGrim. That is strange, because I tested it (again) just now and it seems to work fine. I had problems installing the driver at first, so you might want to double check that this is correct. Following these instructions worked for me: http://www.motioninjoy.com/help/sixaxis-dualshock-3-connecting-usb I also find it helpful to verify that the controller works using 'Set up USB game controllers' in Windows as it shows you whether or not the OS is recognizing he input. Good luck! Oliver. Should we use xinput or directinput?
  21. I think, as it stands, Broken Age is a good game. I am one of those people who liked Adventure Games growing up but often left them unfinished when I got stuck (or asked friends for spoilers to finish them)... so I was happy that Broken Age eased me into it because I was able to finish it myself without outside help. What I've learned from the documentary (and heard from others) is that you CAN set out to make a specific game but then you end up with those terrible movie-tie-in bargain bin games that you hear horror stories about from the developers who worked on them and had their creative souls crushed in the process. If Double Fine has failed... it was in trying to say what kind of game they were making before they started making it. One thing that I hope Double Fine has realized is that if they expected to sell a certain number of copies they need to have subtracted the 90,000 copies we bought as backers... we were their entire pre-order/early adopter demographic... from here forward they can only win new purchases on the merits of the game they've made... (which is one of the reasons I think that there will be a lot of fresh interest when the second half comes out).
  22. I suspect that was an intentional breaking the seal/ripping off the band-aid... putting that in means they don't have to worry about being careful what they spoil and don't spoil... all out of the bag now.
  23. I don't know if it was explicitly stated but I backed the documentary and "whatever game they managed to make"... not any specific game or a specific quality.
  24. You can get DRM free versions through Humble Bundle... is this just so you can have the game in your GOG game shelf or whatever?
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