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  1. I'm psyched. I missed Grim Fandango the first time around, and am chuffed that new consoles and new platforms are a way to rediscover some pre-existing awesome games.
  2. I believe he's 6'8". Then he was meant to rule us all! Hail Overlord Rice! (Gosh I hope he sees the funny side of this.)
  3. I think we're all missing the really important part of this awesome episode, which is how amazingly tall Greg looks in the final few shots as they leave the meeting room. Is he a giant? Is everyone else at DF super-small? Why haven't we noticed this before? The people of the internetz must know his earth height!
  4. Awesome! It was great to see some of the casting process in the last episode. This is cool.
  5. I missed the 'up' in 'Mocked up an abstract look for additional environment', which rendered the sentence much more amusing. No time to stand around mocking things, chaps..
  6. Aww, boo. It would have been really nice to hear about the name - or that the name was going to announced - through Kickstarter. I thought the forums were more just for discussion, rather than the source of progress on the game. Am a bit sad about missing out on the new name.
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