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  1. Just received my copy at work! Wow, quite the package! Love that the slipcase shape could house 12" LP's (wondering, should I have this displayed beside my Judas Priest vinyls... hmm). Excellent work all around from everyone. Well worth the wait!
  2. This would be nice to know. Feels like ages since I originally pre-ordered! Has Fangamer received the books and begun shipping them??
  3. Hmm, I ended up with #24. What an excellent idea, great thread.
  4. Thanks, see that now. For what it's worth, I still wish to remain a super sexy secret spy.
  5. Unless it's unrelated to DFA, something has leaked already apparently These Might be the First Screens of Tim Schafer’s New Adventure Game For what it's worth, I prefer private. Makes me feel special and gushy holding onto information. No! More like a super sexy secret spy. Ya!
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