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  1. Finished Vela's Act 1. Working on Shay's act now! Hope to get to a bit on Act 2 before heading to bed!
  2. I voted for horizontal based on current artwork. However if votes are too close to call, I'd settle for a toss of a coin decision!
  3. I think it's fine for you to release the documentary. My primary reason for backing this project was to be able to support a developer to create a game without being influenced by "suits" who are more concerned about their monetary return instead of "emotional experience" return of enjoying a game. I have enjoyed all my Tim Schafer/Double Fine games of the 90s and feel that a lot of game developers are sometimes treated unfairly by fans who don't know the whole story of a game. Most gamers are accustomed to their annual franchises but fail to realize that back "in the day" few games were rushed out annually (aside from EA Madden games). They fail to understand that there was no game concept or preconceived story prior to the Kickstarter campaign closing in March 2012. That you had to build the game engine from scratch, that the main team on the project is very small compared to Activision or EA game titles, that the orchestra volunteered to perform the games soundtrack, and that unforseen circumstances occur in creating a game. I am looking forward to receiving my boxed copy of the game along with my bluray of the documentary. I hope you include the Side Quests on the bluray as well. I think the documentary will allows the flamers to see how difficult some of the decisions actually were that Tim and the company had to make in order to get the first act out last year. Also, that Tim listened to some of the complaints and increased the difficulty and length of the upcoming second act. This may also help to increase sales when the game is finally available in its entirety! Congrats on making many of your backers happy with their investment!!!!
  4. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear things are coming along and that Tim is "that close" to completing his "epic novel!" Really enjoyed Act I and am glad puzzles will have a few more steps in order to complete in upcoming act. Everyone involved has done an amazing job with the game and I look forward to playing Act II (to quote Blizzard Entertainment) "when it's done!" Don't strangle your most creative adventure game in over 15 years just to make a date. I'd prefer to have the complete vision that Tim has in his head to be realized (like the Peter Jackson's extended versions of his films months after theatrical version) for this game instead of a rush job to hit a date. Good luck and thank you for all the amazing PC games Double Fine has created since Psychonauts! P.S. Thanks for managing to wrangle Grim Fandango back from the dead!!! Cannot wait for that release too!
  5. Great episode. Thanks for the update. Thanks for all the hard work Tim and DF team!!!
  6. As an example, in DOTT you had to close the bedroom door to get the item that was hidden on the back of the door. Although the door was open when you entered it was kind of an a ha to discover the item hidden back there although I entered the room a couple of times without even thinking of closing the door my first time in it.
  7. Well for me, I'm just saying that too many inventory items were just handed over too easily. Monkey Island and a couple puzzles in DOTT required a little challenge in order to acquire an inventory item to be used in a puzzle. I very much enjoy the game but just stating an opinion that I would like a bit more of a challenge. I've played just about all of the classic Lucas Arts adventure games, while in my late 20s/early 30s during the 90s, and they've all had pros and cons. Just saying this one has a bit too much hand holding in ACT 1 for me.
  8. But the wood is just laying on the beach for easy pick up. It could have been floating in the water and could have had a puzzle where you'd have to trick the maidens into giving up their hooks which you could use on the poles to fish wood out of water instead of just picking up the log and walking back to Curtis and saying make me a stool. Just an example.
  9. I feel you should have more puzzles in order to retrieve inventory items. Most of them are just given to you by just asking for them in the dialog tree. The axe, pail, art, cloud shoes, and stool for examples. Back in the "old days" would have to search for or trick characters into giving up the items. Hope ACT 2 makes it more challenging to get some items.
  10. I was averaging around 60 FPS playing at 1920x1080 full screen. I too noticed occasional frame rate drops when moving items from inventory to interact with on-screen items. For the most part, however, game play was AWESOME. No major gameplay issues. Strong BETA build for my system! System specs: i5 3570K at 4.20 GHz MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard G-Skill 16 GB RAM (1600) evga GTX 760 SC (2 GB) Windows 7 64 bit Corsair Force 3 SSD
  11. I'm sure Broken Age beta will be a lot better than the Battlefield 4 "beta" I paid 60 bucks for!
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