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  1. Broken Sword 5 was a Kickstarted project, too. I realise that, hence particularly this one. I'm not saying I have a problem with different price points, I'm not arguing with you, I just predict a fresh wave of complaining if Broken Age on iOs is considerably cheaper than on Steam, or considerably cheaper than the original backer price. I think maybe the reason that Broken Sword gets off lighter is that people are more au fait with Kickstarter now, the type of people who back now are likely very different, and it has ~1/4 the number of backers compared to BA.
  2. True, but these things on kickstarted projects, particularly this one, tend to prompt more emotion than most other game releases.
  3. Price point on iOs will be an interesting one to watch unfold. Given the historically low price point of iOs games, do you buck the trend and put out a hugely expensive iOs game, or do you run the risk of irritating an audience that paid full price for it on Steam. If it were me I think that the fairest thing to do would be to offer up Act 1 and 2 as separate purchases on iOs, but obviously make it very clear that that's what your strategy is.
  4. Interesting that Felipe is clearly very intelligent and well educated and as such what I find most offensive is his use of "thirdworldian". Sad that we can't please everyone. I genuinely struggle to see where he was drawing the line between personal opinion and troll, I could fully believe it was entirely one or the other. That said I couldn't manage much of that RPGCodex thread before bottling out.
  5. Realise I'm a bit late to the party, and I don't really comment on things but... I really loved this Side Quest, and I love your take on the clocks. I can remember being amazed at similar things when I was a younger gamer (I estimate we're very similar ages). But also I really like the general ethos that making tiny bits of polish and extra touches can be picked up on and have a dramatic effect, going the extra mile if you like. I'm sure a lot of us try to do that in our work and personal lives, but I just thought that your way of illustrating that mentality with the clocks from Final Fantasy 2 was really elegant and touching, and it really stuck with me. So much so that I rewatched the side quest tonight. Nice one Dave, keep the clocks ticking.
  6. Will


    BTW - purchased. Does anyone know anything about the soundtrack? I've paid for it but no sign on Steam, is it a case of buy now, receive later? (That sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not, just curious)
  7. Will


    Was my favourite of the AF pitches, and least favourite game. That's not a criticism, just that I think it was massively ambitious for a 2 week game, and ended up as the least fun to play. Here's hoping the other project is hack and slash, that was amazing.
  8. I realise I am late to the party on this one, but I loved the concept of this game and decoding the hidden text is a brilliant easter egg. Thanks for sharing. I do agree that finding it independently will help, but the most important piece of advice is that you want a lua book, not a png book. Fingers crossed we see more hack n slash. In fairness the world is already so functional that just to iterate and create more world based on what is there would be amazing.
  9. I was thinking the same thing about the Silent but Deadly pitch. Who wants to play as a guy who pooped his pants? Not necessarily that they're bad, just that a lot of them sound like great pitches, but wouldn't necessarily be fun games. I thought playing as the Mario villain sounded amazing, then I watched the video and decided against it. I reckon a lot of these could be beautiful failures.
  10. Why does this all remind me of "sometimes you have to kill your ostriches" From here: "All games are wish-fulfillments," he explained. And this led into a great anecdote relating to Psychonauts: originally the main character was an ostrich. He loved it. He said there was this cool control scheme where one stick would move around and the other stick would peck. All of the ostrich's powers came from the fact that he was mentally imbalanced and had multiple personalities. Then, he caught himself, and asked himself: how many people fanaticize about being a insane ostrich? Schafer told the audience: "Sometimes you have to kill your ostriches... as they say."
  11. Let's also not forget that they canned C&C;: Tiberium and that's what the article was mostly about. In essence, they have canned C&C;because they said it wasn't good enough, but that game has a fairly good pre built market. On the other hand, Brutal Legend remains uncanned, implying at least that it is good...
  12. Well done to whoever it was who predicted that. I loved the first Ninja Gaiden, so have pretty high hopes for this one. I agree with you Headroom in that I liked Prince Of Persia as well, but never played the second or third. Hope there's a tiny bit more story in this Gaiden than the last one. Just a smidgen. The action was incredible, but I would have quite liked something to break it up a tad.
  13. Ah right... You're correct, that is a pretty poor piece of design. Ah Microsoft... You think they'd be good at programming. Very good point.
  14. Yeah? How come? Time changes? Time Travel? Some other kind of paradox?
  15. It does seem rather coincidental that there is this whole microsoft countdown timer on their site with just "brutally fun" written above it... Guess we'll find out if its connected in about four hours, thirty four minutes and fifty two seconds..
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