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  1. I love where lee says "This is just some quick black and white drawings" like it is nothing .... i would kill to have those pieces to be able to put in a game. Exponentially better than my chicken scratch pieces i code around. And like usual Love the video keep on keepin on
  2. Even though this thread is pretty much dead I still am going to share what i've been messing with. I attached a wallpaper of the DFA painting of the 2 headed boy in the resolution of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 1440x1280. I'm messing around with making live wallpapers and if I can come up with anything worth posting ill put it up in the forums.
  3. I was bummed at first but they added PC .....just really late into their KS. I didn't back them until they added PC as an option.
  4. Everyone should take a minute and check out the kickstarter for REPUBLIQUE. It has some of the guys who worked on Metal Gear Solid and Halo. the game look unbelievable and needs quite a bit more pledged to get funded. They only have a few days left. I have 0 affiliation with the studio or any of these guys I would just really like this game to get funded. Republique - Kickstarter
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