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  1. Further update just for your amusement: Since I have been playing any Steam games I have in "Offline" mode to avoid it updating and screwing up any mods I have installed (Skyrim's SKSE, primarily), I hadn't logged into the Steam client in months. So naturally... 1.) Try to log in, Steam says "hey, you haven't logged in with this computer in a while, click this to verify this is really you." Did that. 2.) Try to log in, Steam says it can't connect to the network. Try this several times, doesn't work. Go to Steam website to log in there. 3.) Check server status, all appears to be fine. Go to the "support" section of the site. Go through everything they mention as possible problems: Go direct from computer to modem, Check firewall ports, try disabling antivirus temporarily, try running Steam.exe with the -tcp and/or -login switches, try renaming the Client(whatever it is, forget the exact name).blob file, seven or eight other suggestions from forum users, yadda yadda yadda...nothing works, same error ("Cannot connect to steam network, something may be wrong with your Internet or the steam servers") every time (except when renaming the Clientblahblah.blog file, when it says "No steam client information" instead). 4.) Finally in frustration, follow yet another forum user suggestion, namely "install the Steam client again and use the 'repair' option" So, I hit the "Install Steam" button, download the installer, run it. Well, it doesn't give me a "repair" option, but DOES start updating the client program...and then makes me verify my email AGAIN. 5.) After all that (total time on this between last night & this morning: three and a half hours), Steam client finally successfully logs in. Now downloading Broken Age. Have to go to work in about 20 minutes so won't be able to actually play it until I get home late this afternoon, but...ah well, whatever. There's certainly far, far worse problems I could have in my life, so I'm not complaining, just sharing what I had to go through in case anyone else finds themselves facing a similar issue.
  2. Same boat, so just sent the request to Humble Bundle support. Guess we'll see what happens. *EDIT* They sent me the code within the hour. Yaay!
  3. Quest For Glory is definitely my favorite adventure game series of all time (maybe not my favorite single adventure game, but definitely my favorite series). What made the games special for me wasn't the combat element or the graphics or even the fact that a majority of the puzzle solutions made at least some degree of logical sense - it was the writing, the story line, the character development and interactions, the humor, and the overarching tale that managed to span across five games by letting your character continue from one to the next. It also contains the only game moment in history that has ever managed to make me cry...damnit, Toby. Hero-U looks like it promises all of these elements (except the last one)...just not the same graphics and style as Quest For Glory. I can understand some people "not feeling it" because of that difference, so I won't argue with anyone who chooses not to support it. But as for me, I backed it as soon as it launched, even with the not-so-great looking first round of concept art, and I encourage others to back it as well.
  4. I'm probably only going to wind up repeating others...sorry in advance...but anyway: - Inside Hunter S. Thompson's brain. Prior to him violently extricating it from his skull in 2005, that is. - A neighborhood barbecue being held by Peter H. Gilmore. - A world controlled by a dystopian government ruled by people who have been possessed by their huge, bushy eyebrows, which have somehow gained sentience. - A training academy for mooks. SOMEBODY has to teach the typical supervillain's henchmen how to be so utterly incompetent, don't they? - In A World in which a chaotic supervillain is going around murdering all the narrators, leaving no one to describe what is happening in the st-AAAA!!
  5. I would love to see what Tommy DeVito has to say about this poll... But anyway, a mixture of serious and humorous works best for me.
  6. If the game were violent, it could stand for Death From Above or Delta Frangible Ammunition... If it were a Silent Hill game, it could stand for Dense Fog Advisory...
  7. I'm not going to fault you for feeling that way. I've had occasions in my life when money was short and I gave up something else so that I could get in on something I was sure I wouldn't be able to get if I didn't cough up the money right then and there...only to find out the "right then and there" part turned out to be inaccurate. Case in point: One concert I absolutely wanted to see and was told by multiple sources would sell out if I didn't get the tickets immediately if not sooner...only to find out they were still selling tickets at the door when the show started, and I must admit I felt a little annoyed at first. BUT...I still got in to see the show, I didn't get any LESS for my money, and I still enjoyed it, so I forgot all about being annoyed pretty quickly. Now if I had gotten to the show and they'd oversold so many tickets at the door that I wasn't able to get in despite having bought the ticket in advance...now THAT would've been much more upsetting. But since you asked how other backers feel about this particular case of "okay, maybe you didn't have to actually pay right then and there"...I was originally going to say that personally I could care less, but then I realized that the phrases "I could care less" and "I couldn't care less," despite apparently being opposites, mean pretty much the same thing, and therefore the only way I can properly conclude this statement is to end the sentence with the wrong fusebox.
  8. "Everything is under control." - Peter Jackson "Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn." - Charles DeMar "We all go a little mad sometimes." - Norman Bates
  9. Must admit clicking every verb on every item in the game to see if I missed something when replaying. Also keep mentally dubbing Les Nessman lines any time Bernard talks, and more recently, hearing Hoagie speaking in Jack Black's voice.
  10. Cool! Thanks for the update! Hmmm...my prognosis for Redbot's success at growing a beard is not good. I mean, just looking at his chest, you can pretty much say he's...screwed. *ducks whatever rotten fruit was just thrown at him*
  11. Actual "nickname" name, same as many others...was considering putting in "Boutros Boutros-Ghali" just because I like how odd it sounds, but decided against it.
  12. ...but the twist is, the main character isn't a human, but a canine. Since DF has worked with the Prince of Darkness before, I bet Tim would be able to ask Ozzy to write a song about it to use as a theme! ...wait a minute...
  13. Les Paul? Does he count if it's his last name?
  14. Indeed. All three looked good to me, though I had made up my mind a while back I was going to be voting for Moebius, and that did not change after reading the concept pdf. *SEMI-SPOILER ALERT* Although I must say...regarding a certain portion of the description of Moebius, all I could think of for a moment was Fat Bastard saying "Aye'm DEAD SEXXXXYYYY!" *END SEMI-SPOILER ALERT*
  15. Yeah, I would love an adventure set in the Brutal Legend universe as I am a major-league metalhead...but for this project, it's not appropriate. DFA should definitely be an original IP.
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