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  1. While I understand scope-creep and the need to cut, I think a lot of people are now curious/afraid what you'll be cutting. It's always sad to hear after a game is done that "Oh this was a great idea but we had to cut it due to deadline/cost". It's understandable that you 'dont feel right to take more money' from the fans - but I'd rather give you guys more money so you can finish the game as scoped right now with all the great ideas/artwork part of it, than to cut something you feel good about now...
  2. Thank you thank you thank you for showing this episode. I'm sure it there was a debate to do so. I think it gives an open look behind the scenes of a development studio. Working in the software industry myself, I know how hard it is to make deadlines, especially with scope creep. Not to mention the financials around publishing software. With all the game kickstarters that have been successful I believe most will struggle to make their set deadline. Hopefully by showing this video it will make people understand what it takes to run software projects. I fully agree with pshipman7 - DF was my first Kickstarter project that I backed. Seeing how well the project was going I only pledged $100. Seeing that the project might be "somewhat" in jeopardy, I wouldnt mind helping out some more. Obviously you need to still go through some de-scoping and maybe postpone the release date, but if any additional pledges could help - I'm on-board..
  3. I just granted you permissions Martijn, let me know if it's working now. You should be able to create a new Dutch translation project on the video. I'm anxious to look at the Dutch translation as well. *EDIT: works and I'm starting the translation*
  4. I was wondering when someone would offer Dutch.. I can help out too if you guys need it. Username: Sjado
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