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    I was born, and this thing keeps going still.
  1. Grim Fandango, hands down. I like the possibilities of playing it again, but the visual glitches break it for me. I wish they released a modern-day, playable version. I'd buy 10 copies.
  2. I'd love to try my hand at writing for games. I got a pretty messed-up imagination at times, and can actually write somewhat proficiently (especially in French), so I'm pretty sure I could find my niche in the industry. Problem is, my actual job pays quite well. And there's no major gaming companies in Ottawa, Canada... Other than that, I'd LOVE to to some voice acting for games. This I KNOW I'd be very good at. *sigh* Dreams be dreams... EDIT : Using that pic as an avatar was a mistake. Now that I've pointed it out, it HAS to stay. Dang.
  3. You know what? That's a brilliant idea. I think I might just start that. Morning thingies just don't work for me. And thanks Mr. Schafer for sharing the awesome-filled writing-powers of godliness. I won't sahre anything I come up with, because I write in French. HAH!
  4. I'm so happy I back this. This video was fascinating. And it's only starting!!!!
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