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  1. Well, I didn't take it as "No economy." I wasn't quoting Brad or John when I wrote the original post, so I may be putting words into their mouths! (Sorry if I did / am! I'll preface every thing from now on with "I think I remember") I think I remember him just saying he didn't want to do a resource like gold, not that he didn't want some form of resource / economy. I took it as him just saying "there is a much more interesting idea for an economy here, we just need to find it!" They have pushed for such unique and interesting ideas with this game so far, and I hope they plan to approach every system the same way. Regardless it's super inspiring to watch.
  2. Hey, thanks ShooMonFoo! That could be pretty cool, their stats / level affecting how quickly the research gets done, make you really think about who you have doing the research! You are right, it is just replacing the economy with something else, but what you are replacing it with is something that is already valuable to you. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "retire." That's what they have been calling it and so I used it, but really it's more like assigning. I was thinking of these researches being offspring that maybe never even see combat. So the idea you "sacrificing" one of your descendants to a life of research position not only adds a interesting decision to what you do with your heroes, it also makes more of them feel more important. It's still early, so you might have fewer to choose from, but in the last build in the team stream, it seemed like there were a lot of heroes at your disposal, but you only end up using 5 per battle (which I think is a perfect number). This idea would allow the other heroes to feel useful, instead of having a stable full of people you might never use. That last paragraph was making a lot of assumptions about the design though, and as smiles pointed out, maybe get some more definite answers soon.
  3. Hey guys, first time posting on here, but I've been keeping up with the team streams and absolutely loving it. I apologize if this has already been brought up in the forums, I did a quick search to try and find a similar idea, but didn't come across anything. (But as I said, it was a quick search) In one of the last two team streams Brad and John briefly talked a bit about what the cost of research would be, if they should have some form of economy that exists in the game or not. Brad had mentioned that having the Immortal be someone concerned with money would be kind of odd, and I think unnecessary for the game. To make it feel epic, the amount of money you would have to gain over time would be a ridiculous amount, and the costs of upgrades would have to scale with it. In the end, that would feel really odd paying 100,000,000 gil/gold/dollars/babies hearts to upgrade the technology for your caberjacks weapons or to research a more sexy and effective bottle for your alchemists potions. But I think you guys already have such an interesting resource in the game, your descendants. The cost of researching shouldn't be a monetary thing, but a matter of time and minds. Just as you retire someone to the keeps to advance the bloodline, shouldn't the advancement of technology require the retiring of heroes? Or even devoting peoples lives to the study of the research? Maybe later research projects require so much time, that the researcher doesn't even complete his work before he passes away? Leaving his offspring to pick up where he left off. While this is just the base idea for it, I think it has some room to stretch for more depth. Using the same system of leveling would be a cool idea for that. Possibly an apprentice "program" where you can have newer researchers study under experienced ones to learn and level quicker? (but this is all possibly over complicating it and, ultimately, unnecessary**) This ends up making your offspring even more valuable and offering interesting decisions for what you do with them. Is the child strong but dumb? SEND HIM TO BATTLE! Is he weak but smart SEND HIM TO COLLEG... RESEARCH SOMETHING! Is he strong and smart? Oh well... now you have an interesting choice. (Not sure if intelligence is one of the stats the characters have, but throwing one more variable in the ol' character sheet couldn't hurt, right?) Questions? Comments? Concerns?.... Snide remarks? ** From my understanding the leveling system will work as follows - Your character will have a max level he can obtain (Level 3). His offspring will then have a higher max level (Level 4), but start lower than their parents (Level 2). If research worked similarly, when researches change it would be: Parent has children, researches up to 66%, passes away, Child takes over at 50%, has off spring, researches to 80%, dies, his children take over at 70%, RESEARCH COMPLETE... zug zug.
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