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  1. Yes to multiple edicts in one go for me, I would also like some safe way to pass the time, it felt like I was passing investigation edicts to just pass the time. I was also confused at how much time using the intercom took up. I couldn't get Search edicts to work when I did find them and the game seemed confused as to who was dead or alive. It was very atmospheric though and when things got hectic I liked the feeling of having to figure out what my priorities were. Feel it has a lot of potential but the massive "state" machine needs to be more reliable. Loved the little details like the stamp design and being able to name things.
  2. Liked the prototype and thought it would be interesting to have an open world with more in it to explore. I found it very weird not to be able to jump and a quick forward attack like a bite would be good.
  3. Thanks for your help. I couldn't see that the screen could scroll there.
  4. I am stuck on getting C'rol's shoes in Meriloft. Am I meant to find the lost knife or am I meant to still have the ceremonial knife in my inventory at this point? Or have both knives been lost and need to be found?
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