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  1. What makes you say Shay is a "spoiled teenager?" His life is planned out for him and he decides to take control of it. That's also a pretty classic tale. The yarn characters are obnoxiously cute because they were made to entertain the child he no longer is. They're a parody of the cute characters that Straczynski quote refers to. I feel like your take on his story is missing some of the layers which may be why you didn't enjoy it as much.
  2. I don't remember the exact dialogue, and I think it was with the empty tear gas container but possibly not... but you ask Curtis if he has any tear gas and he replies something like "uhhhh.... that's a WEIRD question." It's a really great delivery by Wil Wheaton and it made me laugh a lot. In fact WW was the surprise line-stealer for me overall. The guards have some great rationalizations involving dead fish rising from the sea when you tell them chum is the answer to the riddle. And the knife dialogue ChrisMacDee mentioned.
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