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  1. Based on Brads statement about battling time I puzzled over the idea for a few days and here is what I was thinking. TIME IS A WEAPON • I pondered the idea that you use time itself to vanquish the demons who embody time. Time can only be battled with time. • Fighting demons does not vanquish them, it only lowers their defense. They are forced into remission or must retreat once the demons defense is reduced to zero (time becomes the demons health). Time gives them strength but time weakens us. Relics may be the only way to finish off a retreating demon (or use a forbidden demon weapon). Both weapons are imbued with time: Demon weapons are created as time passes, but relics are created by heroic feats of a warrior falling in battle. • A warrior could use standard weapons to combat a demons defense. Then use a relic to attack the demons years of existence (heath) to defeat them. Possibly a warrior is aged at an accelerated rate when a relic defeats a demon (as if taking on the years of the demon). The demon may have a few turns after their physical defense is lowered and if they are not defeated with a relic (or demon weapon) and they leave the battle field. Still a victory but the demon forces are not diminished. • So following this train of thought maybe defeating a demon with a demon weapon actually strengthens that weapon without aging the warrior (being imbued with a trait from the fallen demon). So the bonus is inherent that a warrior who defeats multiple demons with a demon weapons can battle longer (not aged faster) but his blood line is cursed. The relic on the other hand becomes stronger the more warriors who wield it in battle in that blood line over the ages. So forcing a hero to age at an accelerated rate for defeating demons quickening their foreseeable death can be a strategy as long as they have heirs to wield their relic. • The first several battles would be an attack on the demons forcing them to retreat. As time passes the warrior will leave relics allowing the next generation to actually do harm to the demons. That way the player feels progression in the strength of their blood lines and knows without a hero falling in victory or due to age (creating a relic) they cannot progress. But stubborn players who wish to not age a hero at an accelerated rate with the relic can pick up a demon weapon, but they better think twice about having children with their cursed blood. • And furthermore I believe the demons would have a chance to steal the relics of fallen warriors in the battle field in hopes to quell the ability to truly defeat the demons. The player would have siege missions come up to steal back lost relics, or demon weapons. I was thinking about an opening epilogue for the game. Or maybe information to be revealed as the player progressed. So below is me just having fun. Your people are fated to endure time. Your enemy is the embodiment of time. But you can harness the power of time as a weapon. You are the immortal king. Once you belonged to group of emperors and empresses who sought the mysterious power of immortality. Once acquired the new immortals found that as time passed from years to decades and from decades to centuries their humanity was lost. As time passed the immortals saw other kingdoms rise and fall but the lords of the kingdoms lineages carried on. Witnessing this the immortals became cruel and wished to punish mortal man. But with your last shred of humanity you bound yourself forever to the Massive Chalice. In doing so your humanity was restored but you would no longer be able to be freed for you would lose you humanity once more and join your demonic brethren. With your wisdom of the passage of time you the immortal king had discovered true immortality. The lives and families intertwining blood lines and growing family trees allowed their ancestors to live in their kin. Only by uniting the kingdoms of the land and strengthening the blood lines will man and women ever have a chance at vanquishing the demonic immortals.
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