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  1. Please? Pretty please? How's about it? Just think! The amazing artistic and design talent of Tim & Co. with maybe another popular boardgame designer like Antoine Bauza. That's right. Antoine Bauza. Tim Schafer. Antoine Bauza. Double Fine. Just swish the words in your brain-mouth like the glorious box of Pop Rocks it is. Can there be even more joy in the world? I believe so.
  2. My thoughts here. You could tell the DF crew were laid back but not enthusiastic at the end of this episode. I really do hope they do something like this again with everything they've discussed in mind.
  3. I'm not sure about the sales figures; there are likely some legal hoops to jump through before revealing something like that. It seems, though, that Double Fine currently has a long-tail strategy for all their games. They might not sell much initially, but they sell consistently. That's why you see Amnesia Fortnight getting more publicity. The more projects that are released, even if they are smaller, provide more opportunities for revenue, especially on multiple platforms.
  4. Yayyyy! My favorite film site gave a positive review! http://badassdigest.com/2014/02/01/game-review-broken-age-revives-the-point-and-click-adventure-in-adorable-st/
  5. PhilipJFry's idea is pretty great. Remember that on Steam, you can buy extra copies to gift to friends and random people on the corner. I think Double Fine should reach out to indie art publications outside of videogames. Note the several titles currently selling ahead of Broken Age on Steam; I doubt there are a lot of crossover players there. The people who are attracted to point-and-click titles tend to be interested in other indie projects like movies. Badass Digest and Cartoon Brew come to mind as good places to try to get some coverage.
  6. I switched characters at what seemed like good dramatic stopping points. It worked out really well!
  7. I can't even think about where this game will be a year from now. The style already looks amazing.
  8. Male, South Dakota, 25. The European dominance surprises me.
  9. Frogacuda and Fishos have it. This isn't a purely for-profit model, it's a non-profit model that lets the company keep any profits. Under a 100% profit model, the company has to pay for everything up front--salaries, utilities, food, equipment--in the hopes that someone will give them more money than they're currently losing. We've got a different situation here. Double Fine gets to sidestep the traditional rules of capitalism--"I have to make more than my competitors"--and make money with a non-profit model--"I get money for doing things other people want from me."
  10. Gotta give some love for pre-rendered 3d. The Myst series just nailed how to combine good design with character work, even as you went by your lonesome the entire time. No need to say a word of exposition, the style just shows you where people are coming from by how they left their trails and built their insane little empires.
  11. The potential education these next few months might give is rather inspiring. Just looking at a recent RockPaperShotgun article about making games with Adventure Game Studio...yeah, it would probably be tough. And take a lot of time. And take a lot more education about scripting. And drawing. And writing. And creating. I dunno, man. I could go for that. Anyone else have any impulses or urges along this line? It might be fun to see a few games pop up alongside DFA.
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