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  1. I want to see what happens if you're in someones head and they slowly die.
  2. The goal itself - 89%!!!

    I'm pretty positive that it will be funded because a couple of percentage points a day isn't really too bad when you're past the initial boom of the campaign. When you factor in the last minute rush that will happen at the end I can see this being higher than DFA. Doublefine has a negative perception in many communities online that wasn't present when the DFA campaign was launched, so for it be doing close to the same numbers with this change in PR I think it is actually pretty impressive.
  3. It's strange to me that it's 2015 and yet not siding with a movement rooted in misogyny which claims to be about "Ethics in Journalism" while talking about nothing but "The SJWs" is considered a controversial opinion. And these people somehow try to make the argument that by not being on their side Tim is somehow himself homophobic or against feminism or something, lol wtf? Notyourshield is the GameGate equivalent of excusing racism by saying you have a black friend.
  4. What happened at GDC 2015?

    It was kind of a dumb joke anyway. But jesus Gamergate will get a hold of some sh*t and not let go.
  5. I think it's a good idea, for all that negativity I've never seen anyone talk sh*t about Massive Chalice. And the fact that it's completely public may be why.
  6. I hope one day you try to earnestly do what you love and that your reward for your struggles is to be called a lying wh*re. I've got less sympathy for the people who actually backed him. Dude hasn't delivered for decades, when I heard he had a kickstarter I thought it was supposed to be satire or something. But nope - apparently people are actually dumb enough to give him their money.
  7. I know it's too early to ask for a date, but what it be reasonable to say that the game is going to come out in Q2?
  8. Music

    Oh sh*t Lupe Fiasco's new album was actually really really good.
  9. Dare I ask... AF2015?

    I really enjoyed the last two so I hope there is another. But I worry that if they try to fund it with donations oncemore they might not get enough.
  10. Hey there's a new Disney cartoon coming out and I really like Gravity Falls and the animation looks similar and it looks kind of shippable so um hey: It comes out in like four days and I think it looks pretty cute.
  11. Indie devs don't want to work with Microsoft anymore, period. I'm not sure why, but they f*cked up somehow I guess, Sony has been the indie darling for a while.
  12. 1:32 OH SHIT! Tim is reppin' my favorite webcomic right now!
  13. Film of the Year 2014

    Has to be Whiplash for me. Honourable mentions are: John Wick, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Xmen and The Lego Movie